Guadagno Pummels Murphy in New TV Ad


Republican gubernatorial candidate Kim Guadagno today launched a new TV ad contrasting her plan to audit Trenton and deliver middle class property tax relief with Democrat Phil Murphy’s tax-raising plan.

Click here to watch the ad.

“While Phil Murphy thinks New Jersey families can afford to pay more in property, sales and income taxes, Kim Guadagno knows they need a break,” said Guadagno Campaign Manager Dave Huguenel. “Phil Murphy’s policies will send property taxes higher, cause services to be cut and force more of our friends, families and neighbors to move to other states. New Jersey families can’t afford Phil Murphy.”


New Jersey families are struggling to pay their property taxes. That’s why I developed a plan to audit Trenton for the first time in decades, and use the money we save to cut your property taxes.

That’s the difference between Phil Murphy and me.

He’s already said he will raise your taxes. Higher property taxes, higher income taxes, and higher sales taxes. Phil Murphy’s higher taxes are simply not affordable.

I will cut your taxes because families like yours need a break.

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