Guadagno Secures Warren County GOP Backing

The Warren County Republican Executive Committee Tuesday endorsed Kim Guadagno for New Jersey Governor, securing a second county Party line on the June 6th primary ballot for the Lieutenant Governor.

“Warren County is Kim Country,” said Doug Steinhardt, chairman of the Warren County Republican Committee. “Our voters want a candidate who will lower property taxes, protect the second amendment, reduce the regulatory burdens on our businesses and grow jobs in Northwest New Jersey. Kim’s stellar record in law enforcement as a prosecutor and sheriff, as well as her experience cutting government red tape as Lieutenant Governor make her the right choice in this election. Over the past 7 years, she has worked hard for Warren County and we know Kim will continue to fight for Warren County as Governor.”

“Warren County Republicans want to ensure Trenton has the right priorities, and I will fight for them every day as Governor,” said Guadagno. “To make New Jersey better, we need to audit Trenton, cut taxes and make sure our government is focused on making New Jersey more affordable for all of our citizens. I want to thank Chairman Steinhardt and the entire Warren County Republican Executive Committee because their support will be crucial to defeating the tax and spend Democrats in November.”

In addition to Warren County, Guadagno has also earned the official party line in Hudson County and the support of the Monmouth County Republican Committee leadership.

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