Gubernatorial Flashpoint: Rullo Defends Himself Against Rogers

Joseph Rudy Rullo slapped back at Steve Rogers today after the latter said Rullo derailed himself by calling other gubernatorial candidates names.

In debates, Rullo and Rogers have circled each other, each attempting to outbid the other on who can rightfully claim the mantle in New Jersey of Trump Republican. That contest has proved even more rugged within the context of Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno and Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli (R-16) never having been avid Trump backers.

Today, Rullo attempted to set the record straight in the face of Rogers’ criticisms.

‘Silent Kim is the Truth that is not name calling. And calling Steve a tax raising career politician isn’t name calling,” said the Ocean County landscaper. “The truth is we have almost a year and a half on Steve and he just isn’t resonating with the voters. We successfully demonstrated Steve is a career politician. His statement any politician who raises property taxes is unfit for office in debate 1 showed he has no clue. He raised taxes himself on the Nutley BOE. His reply was he wasn’t the only one who voted for it. His attack at debate 2 demonstrated his emotion rather than judgement.

“After clearly giving solutions to make pension payments, he attacked me for not supporting teachers and police,” Rullo added. “Many in audiences were as confused as he must have been. I’ve been calling the conventions rigged for several months and he comes out with a video yesterday. He is behind the eight ball on all issues and is seeking attention to late in the game. We have several of his past supporters on board and this is part of politics. He has many foes who offered inside information but I’m only interested in fixing NJ. I wish him luck.”

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2 responses to “Gubernatorial Flashpoint: Rullo Defends Himself Against Rogers”

  1. You mean THIS Joe Rullo? The same Joe Rullo who used a wrong
    campaign address on a campaign filing, a property that has a lien
    against it? The same Joe “Zero Percent” Rullo who couldn’t even garner a
    speaking slot at the Monmouth County Convention because he couldn’t get
    enough County Committee Signatures? The same Joe Rullo, who’s campaign
    manager quit because was at zero percent.? This is the same Joe Rullo,
    who’s girlfriend said “he’s only running for Governor to boost his
    acting career.” Joe Rullo isn’t going anywhere except back to Toms River
    or where ever he lives now. He’s begging for $20 donations after
    boasting of receiving “a hundred donations in seven weeks.” That’s a
    municipal campaign level amount, not a Gubernatorial Campaign
    accomplishment to brag about. He’s not filed a campaign finance report
    since November and who knows if he’s raised anything.

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