Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner


Strange bedfellows when some Jews align with antisemites, and some people of color align with racists, all at the invitation of Trump.

Trump, a serial liar, and exhibitionist, with his rapacious lust for money and power is the common denominator. He endorses Walker, a serial liar, anti-abortion abortionist, know nothing, possibly to become the next senator from Georgia.

With Trump, obedient Republicans cynically or enthusiastically endorse Walker, famous and black, with his cow and horny bull stories, vampire vs.  werewolf stories, where he says he would rather be the werewolf (does that mean he was a vampire), and bad air from China pushing out good air from the US. This would be comical if it were not his go to stump speech. Just waiting for Ye to share the podium with him.

Kanye is just the tip of an antisemitic iceberg. An avowed Jew hater, Trump invites him for dinner, repeatedly, most recently a perverse reenactment of “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”, with Kanye’s buddy, Nick Feuntes.

Fuentes is a proud Holocaust denier and racist. He is an avowed Jew hater who ascribes world control to Jews, is vehemently against support of Israel, a Jesus only or be damned propagandist. Mr. Ye, Fuentes is a racist who suffers your presence because of your common antisemitism. Read

For faded memories, we have the BLM clearing stunt with the bible thumping Trump, his false equivalencies (good people on both sides that includes those chanting – “the Jews will not replace us”) and most recent romance with evangelicals (whose love affair with Jews is to convert them) as being said to be more pro-Israel than American Jews who “better get their act together.” There is too much more along with the misogynistic comments and loading the Supreme Court with those who lied during confirmation hearings about Roe v. Wade being settled law.

Will Republicans, and pointedly Republican Jews and Republicans of Color, denounce Trump, unfit for a Passover Seder or Martin Luther King Jr. commemoration.

Underlying the Republican inability to condemn and censure Trump’s courting of racists and antisemitism is a crisis, degradation, and possibly irrevocable rupture in democratic values.

This infection of the body politic is now seen in NJ. A celebrity named candidate, Kean Jr., beat a quality candidate, Malinowski. I can only imagine how Kean Jr. will line up with the likes of McCarthy, Gohmert, Jordan, Biggs, MT Greene, Perry, Gaetz, Gosar and the like.

The probable defense is “what about so and so” and a fact free recitation of false equivalences. As for the antisemitism or racism, evasiveness at best.

Republicans, including Mr. Kean – condemn antisemitism and racism, starting with your titular leader, Donald Trump, and his ilk, and withhold support of his and their antidemocratic dogma.

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  1. What will it take for half this country to start thinking for themselves and what’s right for America to live up to its values? No American should support Trump being in the cultural or political conversation another minute. How can anyone think this man represents your values or America’s best interests? Is this really what the Republican party wants for a poster boy?

  2. The amazing part is that the truths you speak are so obvious, yet so many have blinders to block them. If you wrote a novel about a guy who gets away with so much, most would call it over the top, unbelievable.

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