Gustafson Declares Candidacy For First Congressional District


Claire Gustafson, Republican candidate for Congress, today formally declared her candidacy for United States House of Representatives in New Jersey’s First Congressional District on video via social media and on her campaign website,

This will be Gustafson’s third challenge of incumbent U.S. Rep. Donald Norcross (D-1), who twice trounced her.

It’s true. This is a tough district,” Gustafson admitted. “That’s why I put time, effort, sweat and treasure into building an organization, always supporting other candidates and campaigns. It’s not that any of the others in this race are bad, anyone is better than what we have, a member of Congress who blindly supports the policies of Joe Biden. Plain and simple the others in the Republican primary haven’t been there for our candidates, I’ve written checks, raised money, paid for candidates literature and knocked doors for our candidates and when the party didn’t have a willing candidate in races that were viewed as unwinnable placed my name on the ballot.

“I’ve done the work and I’ve built an organization,” Gustafson added. “The only negative my primary election opponents have on me is my age. I am not Joe Biden old, you won’t see me falling on a stage, falling off a bike or falling up the steps. I’ve got a couple good fights in me and now is the time for all the hard work, sweat and treasure I’ve put in over the years to payoff so we can go out and win an election.”


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