Guv 2025 Poll Shows Sherrill Trouncing Other Dems

A new poll conducted by GQR Research finds that Rep. Mikie Sherrill leads the potential 2025 NJ Democratic gubernatorial primary field. The poll, commissioned by the Principled Veterans Fund shows Sherrill in the strongest position to win the primary. According to the poll, she is well-known and better liked than most of her potential competitors.

Rep. Sherrill’s profile holds broad regional, ideological, and demographic appeal.  She performs especially well among women, who comprise almost 60 percent of the primary electorate. Sherrill starts with a positive profile-a majority of voters are familiar with her, and she has the highest number of strongly favorable voters.

Abortion is the central animating factor among the primary electorate. Three in four primary voters rate abortion rights as the most important issue when considering their vote for governor. Majorities also say that abortion policy is more important than both cost of living and taxes when deciding who to support for governor. Among the 44 percent of voters who satisfy all three criteria, Sherrill’s favorability ratings spike to 43 percent.

Abortion is the most important issue in this race for governor, higher than other issues like the cost of living and taxes. Among abortion motivated voters, Sherrill holds a clear lead that grows to a near majority after voters hear her biography. She also has an advantage as the only woman in the race and among the voters most concerned about protecting abortion rights. She easily beats Gottheimer and Fulop in North Jersey while Sweeney manages only a third of the vote in South Jersey. Baraka has a voter base, but he also has a ceiling of support. Throughout the survey, Baraka never gets more than 23 percent of the vote and struggles to expand his base of support.  Sherrill grows her support after voters hear more about her, especially among women, older and voters in both major media markets.

Sherrill is well positioned to win the 2025 Gubernatorial primary.

These results are based on a survey of 603 likely 2025 Democratic primary voters in New Jersey that fielded from March 7-12, 2024. Respondents were contacted through the voter file. The data is subject to a margin of error of +/- 4.0 percentage points at the 95 percent confidence interval.

Principled Veterans Fund March 2024 Primary Poll Analysis


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15 responses to “Guv 2025 Poll Shows Sherrill Trouncing Other Dems”

  1. She is definitely a better choice for democrats, but still ,can’t take anymore give aways to illegals!!
    For a moderate approach to abortion ,taxes and education of our children, vote Republican. Yes, I agree and Republicans are understanding, that no one should control abortions even though it’s cruel and kills mostly black babies. Does make sense since democrats started the Klu Klux Klan ,maybe their secret way to control the black population

  2. I feel that Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop would be the best Governor for the state of New Jersey because he takes Bruce Springsteen’s statement “Remember in the end, Nobody Wins unless Everybody Wins” and Mayor Fulop puts that dream into reality for all New Jersey-ians from Jimmy Pearl of Bayonne, NJ My Hometown

  3. I would never vote for Mikki Sherrill. Her stand on the war on Gaza where she has yet to demand a ceasefire fire but continues to accept the killings by the Israeli government is unbelievable. It is inhumane yet she supported the continued supply of arms to Israel….

  4. If you agree with Sherrill that we want wide open borders with more & more illegal aliens coming in over and above the 15 million already here, then by all means vote for Sherrill.

    If you want NJ to continue as a sanctuary state, then by all means vote for Sherrill.

    If you want non-citizens to have the right to vote, then by all means vote for Sherrill.

  5. Lawyers, lawyers, lawyers. Everyone in this race is a lawyer except…. Steve Sweeney. Trenton has enough lawyers. Steve, actually works for a living.
    While all the other candidates were in law school Steve spent his career in the construction field as an iron worker and later a union official. Trenton needs a governor who knows what it’s like to work for a living. Not another lawyer. That’s Steve Sweeney

  6. Susie

    While there are many, many other reasons for NOT voting for Sherrill, let’s be clear about Israel and Hamas.

    Hamas began the war by deliberately targeting civilians. It massacred them on October 7 when it invaded Israel during a time of peace and holidays. Civilians were raped, killed.

    Many years ago the people voted for Hamas to lead them. They immediately suspended all future elections and began a terrorist campaign against Israel.

    Israel has the right to finally end Hamas once and for all.

  7. Mikie Sherrill has voted with Joe Biden’s failed programs 100% of the time. Hence, Mikie Sherrill is a failure. Any right-minded, thinking person would see that Sherrill is nothing more than a puppet for the Democrats. She is not honorable or dignified. She uses her non-combat military experience to promote her goals. When she was a NJ Assistant U.S. District Attorney, under then NJ U.S. District Attorney Chris Christie, she did nothing but act as a liasion between the USDA’s office and the courts. She never prosecuted a case. So, Sherrill is not honorable or dignified. She is low brow Communist of the first order voting for more illegal aliens to come into the U.S. and N.J. , costing N.J. between $4-$5 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR that could be used for massive property tax relief. Sherrill voted for Biden’s Green Raw Deal to promote a failed EV program across the nation, while at the same time supporting the Communist Chinese Regime’s forcing the sale of EVs in the U.S.

    If anyone votes for Sherrill, they are either Forrest Gump stupid, or they need a lobotomy.

  8. She may not be a “communist” by som definitions but her stances and votes on a number of bills in Congress reveal he to be extremely liberal and anti-American.

    The voting records speak for themselves. She votes in lockstep with the Biden agenda and with some of the anti-American liberals in the House 100% of the time

    Here in NJ it seems she has already been ordained governor. Well, you get what you vote for.

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