Hayden: ‘I’m not F-cking Going Anywhere’

NEWTON – The Sussex County Republican Party wants Bill Hayden out as county commissioner. So do a number of others.

Animosity to Hayden has reached fascinating heights. A man showed up at a commissioner meeting a while back with a homemade shirt reading, “F … Bill Hayden.”

The man, Army Vet Kenneth Collins of Andover, was there again Wednesday evening with a verbal message more suitable for a public venue.

“Resign Bill,” he said.

In a brief chat afterwards, Hayden gave a response that was more in line with Collins’ original observation.

“I’m not f….. going anywhere,” he said.

So there.

Bill Hayden was elected to the board in 2022 after establishing himself as a Tea Party, and eventually, a Donald Trump Republican. These views are right in line with Sussex County, which is probably the most conservative region in the state. Republicans control all county and state offices covering the county in New Jersey’s northwest corner.

However, relations among Hayden and his colleagues soon turned sour.

Hayden initially made waves on the board when he talked last year about alleged missing money at the county’s food pantry. Fellow board members say there are no problems with the pantry.

While potentially serious, this was – and is – one of those typical disputes that pop up from time to time on every governing body regardless of party affiliation.

But then, this intra-party feud took a more troubling turn.

Hayden was accused of a “stolen valor” allegation, namely that he has falsely claimed to be a former Navy Seal.

That has prompted bipartisan calls for Hayden to resign from a term that runs through the end of 2025.

Hayden, for the record, maintains that there are problems with the pantry and that the records purportedly casting doubt on his military service are themselves false.

Nonetheless, Collins said Hayden’s claims of innocence are fruitless.

As for his shirt, when Collins wore it a few weeks ago, the board ordered him to be removed, noting that he was sitting near two children.

He was “escorted” by sheriff”s officers and returned with his T-shirt covered. But he also said he may sue the county on free speech grounds.

Jill Space, the board director, said that Collins’ threatened suit was why his off-color shirt was permitted at this week’s meeting.

Hayden’s refusal to resign has prompted a move to step two – recalling him from office. Such an effort reportedly is underway.

It’s not easy, given the fact organizers need to get many signatures on a petition.

Hayden wondered, “Who’s paying for the recall?”

In the midst of this, we have a contested Republican primary this June.

Two seats are up and two Republican incumbents are running, but not with each other.

Deputy Director Chris Carney is running with Alan Henderson.

Earl Schick III, the other incumbent, is running on his own. Schick just got to the board as a replacement for Dawn Fantasia, who is now in the Assembly. The man he beat at a convention was Henderson.

And then, there is the slate of Robert Kovic and Harvey Roseff, who claim to be the “true conservative” team.

Democrats have not filed any commission candidates.

Sussex is tough terrain for Dems.

But then again, maybe they just want to watch the crowded Republicans primary and the Hayden saga from the sidelines.





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8 responses to “Hayden: ‘I’m not F-cking Going Anywhere’”

  1. Stolen Valor Bill Hayden is the biggest POS in the history of New Jersey politics. Whether he resigns or is recalled, his political career is over. And this anti-government jackass draws a government paycheck from NJDOT. Wonder what they think about him on the payroll?

  2. Hey Stewart, is reading comprehension part of your DNA, or do you not understand what “Stolen Valor” means? Hayden doesn’t need Democrats to make him look bad, he’s doing a great Job by himself

  3. He was cracking a joke.
    He’s saying that if the democrats just let them
    speak they’ll make themselves look bad, and that tactic is working splendidly.
    I don’t think he was dissing democrats.

  4. You can tell who the Sussex County Democrats are in the comments section. They are the ones viciously making personal ad hominem comments and have no relevant points to make. Even if Hayden is a jerk and a fool, the Democrat comments continue to make him look like the good guy.

  5. Don’t have to be a Dem to see Hayden’s faults.
    He has quite a career of division, alienation, and self indulgence to one point of view. A representative for the constituency 0%

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