Here’s What’s On Tap Under The Gold Dome Today (May 20th)

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

Here’s what’s on tap under the Gold Dome today (Monday, May 20th):

SENATE SESSION 11:00 AM Senate Chambers

Voting Session:

A1669 [Lampitt, Pamela R./Lopez, Yvonne+13], Teachers, certain-remove obstacles to teacher certification

A2180 [Moen, William F./Wimberly, Benjie E.+12], School buses, Type S-permits certain persons to operate

A2280 [Lopez, Yvonne/Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina+4], Real estate appraisers & anti- bias training-codify prohibition, discrim practice

AJR86 [Greenwald, Louis D./Speight, Shanique+4], Crisis Professionals Day- designate fourth Wednesday in May each year

S720 [Burgess, Renee C./Vitale, Joseph F.+3], DCPP-require to consult with Division of Developmental Disabilities

S787 [Johnson, Gordon M./Turner, Shirley K.], Interdistrict public school choice prog- prov suppl transportation aid, cert dist

S862 [Bucco, Anthony M./Diegnan, Patrick J.+1], Pavement condition & conduct pavement lifecycle analysis-DOT prov, annual report

S1287 [Beach, James/Turner, Shirley K.+2], Teachers, certain-remove obstacles to teacher certification

S1311 [Pou, Nellie/Ruiz, M. Teresa+3], Real estate appraisers & anti-bias training- codify prohibition, discrim practice

S1815 [McKnight, Angela V.], Coordination Among Nonprofit Social Service Organizations-establish Task Force

S1896 [Amato, Carmen F.], Dredging control reserve fund-authorizes municipalities to establish

S1965 [Vitale, Joseph F./Singer, Robert W.+2], Pharmaceutical services in long-term care facilities-regulates provision

S2181 [Ruiz, M. Teresa/Turner, Shirley K.+6], School employees, public-eliminates requirement for State residency for 3 years

S2284 [Scutari, Nicholas P./Ruiz, M. Teresa+1], Office of Resilience in DCF- establishes

S2495 [Ruiz, M. Teresa/McKnight, Angela V.], Cosmetologist-hairstylist & hair braider-req training, include on textured hair

S2594 [Bucco, Anthony M./Smith, Bob+1], Dam restoration/repair & inland waters projects-approp. $28.670M bond act monies

S2652 [Greenstein, Linda R./McKnight, Angela V.], Sexual exploitation or abuse of children-revises statutory terms

S2810 [Diegnan, Patrick J.], SPRS, member of board of trustees-remove req, 2 members be private citizens

S2816 [Smith, Bob/McKeon, John F.], Electric infrastructure improvement plans-req pub utilities submit & implement

S2864 [Lagana, Joseph A.], Professional athletes-establishes working hours, certain minors employed

S2869 [Ruiz, M. Teresa/McKnight, Angela V.+1], Immigrant workers-establishes penalties for employers that coerce workers

S2876 [Polistina, Vincent J./Cruz-Perez, Nilsa I.+1], John R. Elliott Memorial Interchange-desig Hwy Route 42 & Hwy Route 295

S3000 [Beach, James/Polistina, Vincent J.+4], School buses, Type S-permits certain persons to operate

S3134 [Diegnan, Patrick J.], Commercial driver licenses and learner’s permits-req MVC take certain action

S3156 [Gopal, Vin/McKnight, Angela V.], School property, cert-permit to lease, fed qualified health centers w/o bidding

S3192 [Diegnan, Patrick J.], Real Estate Consumer Protection Enhancement Act- concerns

SJR66 [Vitale, Joseph F.], Crisis Professionals Day-designate fourth Wednesday in May each year

SJR71 [Beach, James/Mukherji, Raj], Wounded Warrior Appreciation Week- designates first week in May of each year

Senate Judiciary Meeting 10:00 AM

Committee Room 4, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ Chair: Sen. Stack, Brian P.


to be a member of the Middlesex County Board of Taxation:

Glenn Cullen of South Plainfield to fill a vacancy, for the term prescribed by law, ending 5 years from the date of appointment.


to be a Judge of the Superior Court:

Albert J. Rescinio of Eatontown to succeed Lisa P. Thornton, following her retirement, for the term prescribed by law.


ASSEMBLY QUORUM 1:00 PM Assembly Chambers

Committees at the Call of the Speaker

Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Meeting 10:00 AM Committee Room 11, 4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ Chair: Asm. Freiman, Roy

A1679 [Atkins, Reginald W./Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina+14], Mammograms-req. health insur coverage, women over & under 35, cert circumstances

A3667 [Freiman, Roy/Park, Ellen J.], Dental service corporation-permit to be subsidiaries, nonprofit parent companies

A3696 [Danielsen, Joe], Travel Insurance Act-concerns

A3802 [Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina/Wimberly, Benjie E.+1], Legal services, cert- differentiates from traditional insurance products

For Amendment Only:

A3860 [Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina/DeAngelo, Wayne P.+2], Medical billing requirements, cert-establish, charges/expenses, health care svcs

A3861 [Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina/DeAngelo, Wayne P.+5], Louisa Carman Medical Debt Relief Act-concerns

Assembly Judiciary Meeting 10:00 AM

Committee Room 12, 4th Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ Chair: Asw. Park, Ellen J.

A1992 [Speight, Shanique/Atkins, Reginald W.+2], Jury duty-exempts nursing mothers A2364 [Tully, Chris/Greenwald, Louis D.+9], Deep Fake Technology Unit-establish in DLPS; appropriates $10M

A2818 [Greenwald, Louis D./Swain, Lisa+5], Deceptive audio or visual media, certain- prohibits & imposes criminal penalty

A3287 [Wimberly, Benjie E.], Expungement records, nondisclosure-establish pilot program in Paterson

A3540 [Conaway, Herb/Greenwald, Louis D.+3], Production or dissemination of deceptive audio or visual media-estab penalties

A3881 [Quijano, Annette], Criminal history background info-prohibits certain dissemination until updated

A4174 [Peterpaul, Luanne M./Ramirez, Jessica], Photographed/filmed/recorded, sexual manner-not include/imply consent of image

S2236 [Ruiz, M. Teresa/Stack, Brian P.+2], Jury duty-exempts nursing mothers For Amendment Only:

A3265 [Wimberly, Benjie E./Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina], Expungement eligibility- expands; eliminates cap on number of convictions

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