Here’s What’s On Tap Under The Gold Dome On Tuesday

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

Here’s what’s on tap under the Gold Dome on Tuesday (Sept. 10th):

SENATE QUORUM 12:00 PM Senate Chambers

Committees at the Call of the Senate President

Senate Community and Urban Affairs Hearing 10:00 AM Committee Room 4, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. Singleton, Troy

The Committee will take testimony from invited guests concerning the administration

of the “Water Quality Accountability Act.”

Senate Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens Meeting

1:30 PM Committee Room 1, 1st Floor,

State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. Vitale, Joseph F.

A2179 [Schaer, Gary S./Houghtaling, Eric+1], Adulterated candy-prohibits sale in NJ

A4486 [Downey, Joann/Houghtaling, Eric+4], Michael Anthony Fornicola’s Law

S992 [Vitale, Joseph F./Weinberg, Loretta], Tobacco products-proh sale at pharmacies

S1647 [Diegnan, Patrick J./Codey, Richard J.+2], Tobacco-proh. use of coupons

S2799 [Cruz-Perez, Nilsa], Adulterated candy-proh. sale

S2830 [Vitale, Joseph F./Ruiz, M. Teresa], Gestational Carrier Agreement Act-revise

S3024 [Greenstein, Linda R./Gopal, Vin], Michael Anthony Fornicola’s Law

S3379 [Vitale, Joseph F./Cryan, Joseph P.+2], Comp. Geriatric Fall Prev. Pilot Prog.

S3557 [Madden, Fred H./Codey, Richard J.], Chemo-test patient prior to treatment

S3559 [Madden, Fred H.], Dispute resolution hearing-estab process

S3567 [Ruiz, M. Teresa/Cunningham, Sandra B.], Child care ctrs., lic.-concerns

SJR78 [Weinberg, Loretta], Scleroderma Awareness Mo-desig. June

Senate Judiciary Meeting 11:30 AM

Committee Room 6, 1st Floor, State House Annex, Trenton, NJ

Chair: Sen. Scutari, Nicholas P.

Pending Introduction and Referral:

SR155 [Sweeney, Stephen M.], Condemns President Trump’s racist comments directed at members of Congress.


to be a Judge of the Superior Court:

Benjamin D. Morgan of Mullica Hill for the term prescribed by law.

Mark B. Shoemaker of Mt. Royal for the term prescribed by law.

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