Holley Running for Mayor of Roselle

Former Assemblyman Jamel Holley is running for mayor of Roselle.

Holley is a former Roselle Mayor who served in the Legislature representing the 20th District from 2015 to 2022.

He challenged state Senator Joe Cryan (D-20) in the 2021 Democratic Primary and lost off the party line.

This political season he intends to challenge incumbent Mayor Donald Shaw, Roselle’s former recreation director and a prior Holley ally.

Shaw will have the establishment backing of Union County Democratic Party players as he attempts to fend off the former lawmaker who once lent his political support to Shaw and vice versa.

Holley last year started a new firm offering local, state, federal public relations, and political consulting with a focus on economic development, cannabis, environmental issues, housing, public water and sewer systems and not for profit advocacy.

The first African American Assemblyman representing the City of Elizabeth, Township of Union, Borough of Roselle and the Township of Hillside, Holley also served as Mayor and Council President of the Borough of Roselle. Early in life, Holley became the State’s youngest Chief of Staff for any of NJ’s State Legislators when he was appointed by the Deputy Minority Leader.

While in the assembly, Holley established close working relationships with both Democrats and Republicans and was responsible for more than 60 sponsored laws. In addition, Holley served as a Member of the NJ General Assembly Health Committee, Assembly Housing Committee, Vice Chair of Homeland Security and State Preparedness, a Member of The Assembly Women’s and Children’s Committee and Higher Education Committee.

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5 responses to “Holley Running for Mayor of Roselle”

  1. I reside in the borough of Roselle Park, and I had the pleasure of meeting and knowing Jamall Holly I do believe he will do everything with in his knowledge and power to make this right and better for Roselle.

  2. I only back 1 man in Roselle, and that is Former Mayor Holley. Shaw does not and will not have my vote.

  3. Hello,
    I’m thinking about who I will be voting for ?
    It’s important to know if your going to do anything about the Code enforcement, pacifically cleanliness of Roselle. Especially businesses in our area. They seem to not care about the look of Roselle. All you have to do is drive up first avenue in Roselle and you’ll see what I mean. Please let me know.


  4. Greetings Mr. Jamel Holley,

    The responsibility of a Mayor is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it an unsurmountable challenge for one that leads up for the betterment of your constituents.

    On the contrary, the distinguished role of Mayor is tenfold in terms of the needs of those that are served, equity of services, deliverables, and bottom line huamne treatment that include housing, education, safety, and overall governing body of municipalities.

    I know that you are an established representative
    of f the community of Roselle, New Jersey.
    Your close working relationships with constituents reveal an unparalleled track record of preparedness that reflect the needs of the community, and as such, I believe that you will deliver a fresh focus that addresses economic development, environmental concerns, housing, safety and advocacy.

    You have my unwavering support and resounding belief in a successful show in the 2023 primary and upcoming Mayoral race!

    Thank you.

    Let’s go!

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