Hudnut Will be a Tough Nut for Team Fulop to Crack, Says Matsikoudis


Jersey City mayoral candidate Bill Matsikoudis selected Jake Hudnut as his downtown city council candidate. Hudnut served as a Jersey City Public Defender while managing his own criminal defense law firm in Jersey City. He is now an attorney at Spar & Bernstein, P.C.

Hudnut campaign managed two successful and progressive candidate slates for Jersey City Board of Education elections in 2012 and 2013, including the Parents for Progress ticket.

He’s openly gay.
Jake shares my commitment to accessibility and transparency,” Matsikoudis said. “He will bring government to the people by keeping regular office hours and holding open meetings across Downtown. I know fear isn’t a word in Jake’s vocabulary; he will fight for Downtown residents, pushing developers to build more affordable housing and standing up to the Port Authority’s fare increases and overcrowded PATH service. We both love Downtown and will focus on quality of life issues like keeping our streets clean and safe.”

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