Hudson Senators Sacco & Stack Oppose Legislative Redistricting Bill

HUDSON COUNTY, N.J. — State Senators Nicholas J. Sacco (D-32) and Brian P. Stack (D-33) both oppose the legislative redistricting amendment bill that is slated to be voted on in the coming weeks. The bill has drawn sharp criticism from a wide variety of prominent voices, with opposition coming from Governor Phil Murphy, New Jersey’s Democratic and Republican State Party Chairs, the League of Women Voters, leading academics, editorial boards, progressive organizations and many others.

“This proposal would create an imbalance of power with representation of North Jersey counties being diluted in the legislature, and given that our region is continuing to grow and propel the state’s economy forward that outcome would be fundamentally unfair,” said Senator Sacco. “I agree with Governor Murphy that this plan should not be advanced and we should instead focus on legislative priorities that the people of New Jersey want to see move forward.”

“I have a great deal of respect for Senate President Steve Sweeney, but I cannot agree with him on this redistricting proposal,” said Senator Stack. “The existing redistricting system has resulted in the largest Democratic majorities in recent history and increasing representation for Hispanic residents and other minority communities in the legislature. I fear that the proposed changes would reverse that progress at a time when we should be working to make our legislature more diverse and responsive to the needs of the people we serve.”

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