Hugin: “We are Seeing a Tale of Two Counties’

TRENTON – Today, Bob Hugin, Chairman of the New Jersey Republican State Committee (“NJGOP”), issued the following response to New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin’s investigation of Monmouth County voting errors:

“What we are seeing today is a ‘Tale of Two Counties,” said Hugin. “In Monmouth County, an isolated incident receives prompt attention from the Attorney General at the demand of a Democratic Senator, while in Mercer County, where there was a countywide failure of voting machines, the NJGOP has yet to receive a response to its November request for an investigation. Keep in mind: this total abdication of duty follows Governor Murphy’s stunning refusal to appoint a Deputy Superintendent of Elections – a Republican position – before Election Day.”

He continued: “These parallel systems of justice demonstrate just how nakedly partisan the Attorney General’s office has become in Phil Murphy’s woke administration. This incident only further emphasizes the need to elect a Republican check on Murphy’s reign of terror this November.”

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One response to “Hugin: “We are Seeing a Tale of Two Counties’”

  1. Glad to see some action on this. The Republican Party needs to start talking about getting rid of machines and VBM ballots. That’s where the fraud is, and the time in trying to determine the real outcome of the election lies. We either do that, or we will CONTINUE to lose elections. And fewer people will vote, because they know elections are a scam. It will lead to the demise of our republic, and the Republicans will share the blame.

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