Hunterdon County Dems Chair Quinones-Perez, Party Allies Call for Reiner Resignation

The law firm of DeCotiis, FitzPatrick, Cole and Giblin today announced the elevation of Hunterdon County's Arlene Quinones Perez to the position of equity shareholder.

The Hunterdon County Democratic Committee (“HCDC”) released a statement today jumping all over Raritan Township Deputy Mayor Lou Reiner, “appalled” by his hateful comments.

“As Chair of the Hunterdon County Democratic Committee, I call on all elected officials and citizens of Hunterdon County to hold Reiner accountable for his truly despicable behavior. Reiner’s hateful comments are not a Democrat or Republican issue, but one of decency and respect to one another as human beings,” said Arlene Quinones Perez, Esq.   

It wasn’t enough that he apologized yesterday, the chair and her allies argue.

The chair said the elected members of the Hunterdon County Democratic Party do not accept Reiner’s apology and call on Reiner to resign – he does not deserve to hold elected office. 

“We also call on the Hunterdon County Republican Party to stand for decency and respect by asking Reiner to immediately resign – we ask that you do not stand behind people whose very message is too divide Hunterdon County,” Quinones-Perez said.

Arlene Quinones Perez, Esq. Chairwoman Hunterdon County Democratic Committee 

Alan Harwick Vice Chairman, Hunterdon County Democratic Committee 

Eric Richard Treasurer, Hunterdon County Democratic Committee 

Helen Dowkontt-Richard Secretary, Hunterdon County Democratic Committee 

Dorothy Dawood Executive Directory, Hunterdon County Democratic Committee 

Executive Board, Hunterdon County Democratic Committee 

Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker, NJ Legislative District 16
Assemblyman Roy Freiman, NJ Legislative District 16 

Councilwoman Louise Gerace, Bloomsbury Borough 

Mayor Charles Daniel, Califon Borough 

Councilman Mike Medea, Califon Borough 

Councilman Leo Janas, Califon Borough 

Councilwoman Cathy Smith, Califon Borough 

Mayor Janice Kovach, Clinton Town 

Councilwoman Megan Johnson, Clinton Town 

Councilwoman Rielly Karsh, Clinton Town 

Councilwoman Lisa Intrabartola, Clinton Town 

Councilman Mike Humphrey, Clinton Town 

Committeewoman Susan Lockwood, Delaware Township 

Mayor Betsy Driver, Flemington Borough 

Councilman Jeffrey Doshna, Flemington Borough 

Councilman Chris Runion, Flemington Borough 

Councilwoman Caitlin Giles-McCormick, Flemington Borough 

Council President Michele Liebtag, Frenchtown Borough 

Councilwoman Tami Peterson, Frenchtown Borough 

Councilwoman Caroline Scutt, Frenchtown Borough 

Councilwoman Holly Low, Frenchtown Borough 

Councilwoman Liz Johnson, Frenchtown Borough 

Mayor Michele Lee, High Bridge Borough 

Councilwoman Natalie Ferry, High Bridge Borough 

Councilwoman Leigh Moore, High Bridge Borough 

Mayor Julia Fahl, Lambertville City 

Councilwoman Beth Asaro, Lambertville City 

Councilwoman Elaine Warner, Lambertville City 

Councilman Ward Sanders, Lambertville City 

Councilwoman Julia Taylor, Lambertville City 

Councilwoman Marlene G. Baldinger, Lebanon Borough 

Councilman Robert White, Milford Borough 

Councilwoman Noralie Lafevre, Milford Borough 

Mayor Tim Nemeth, Stockton Borough 

Councilman Michael Mann, Stockton Borough 

Councilman Aaron Lipsen, Stockton Borough 

Susan Blubaugh Municipal Chair, Alexandria Township
Christine Flaccavento Municipal Vice Chair, Alexandria Township 

Elizabeth Colacino Municipal Chair, Bethlehem Township 

Peggy Navitski Municipal Vice Chair, Bethlehem Township 

Vicki Fresolone Municipal Chair, Clinton Township 

Kira Lawrence Municipal Vice Chair, Clinton Township 

Cullen McAuliffe Municipal Chair, Delaware Township 

Charles Van Horn Municipal Chair, East Amwell Township 

Bob Wolfe Municipal Vice Chair, East Amwell Township 

Karen Giffen Municipal Chair, Flemington Borough 

Malik Johnston Municipal Vice Chair, Flemington Borough 

Carol Luling Municipal Chair, Franklin Township 

Kathi Thonet Municipal Vice Chair, Franklin Township 

Jeanie Baker Municipal Vice Chair, High Bridge Borough 

Fred Ferry Municipal Chair, High Bridge Borough 

Mary Anne Cowen Municipal Chair, Holland Township 

Marlene Miller Municipal Vice Chair, Holland Township 

Patricia Mikes Municipal Chair, Kingwood Township 

Stuart Freedenfeld Municipal Vice Chair, Kingwood Township 

Derek Roseman Municipal Chair, Lambertville City 

Helen Kuhl Municipal Vice Chair, Lambertville City 

Benedict Valliere Municipal Chair, Lebanon Borough 

Joyce Leftly Municipal Chair, Lebanon Township 

Stephen Leftly Municipal Vice Chair, Lebanon Township 

Charlie White Municipal Vice Chair, Milford Borough 

Lois Zarish Municipal Chair, Raritan Township 

Michael Drulis Municipal Vice Chair, Raritan Township 

Alan Harwick Municipal Chair, Readington Township 

Angel Vorwick Municipal Vice Chair, Readington Township 

Kerry Frabizio Municipal Chair, Stockton Borough 

Kelly McKinney-Brakewood Municipal Chair, Tewksbury Township 

Michael Amendola Municipal Vice Chair, Tewksbury Township 

Lauren Grober Municipal Chair, Union Township 

Christina Russoniello Municipal Vice Chair, Union Township 

Patricia Masterson Municipal Chair, West Amwell Township 

Karen Becker, NJ Democratic State Committee 

William Courtney, NJ Democratic State Committee 

Sharon Ransavage, NJ Democratic State Committee 

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