Hurley: Chiesa’s Atlantic City Action Plan Contains Deep Salary Cuts to Police Department

South Jersey radio show host Harry Hurley is reporting that Atlantic City Chief Executive Officer Jeff Chiesa’s action plan for the city includes substantial salary and fringe benefits reductions for Atlantic City Police Captains, Lieutenants Sergeants and Officers.

Documents obtained by Hurley show reductions in salary, increase in health benefit contributions, prescription co-pay increases, changes to work week schedule and overtime pay, loss of education credits, and a large increase in steps (years of employ) to reach top salary and much more.

“These cuts are massive in nature,” said Hurley of the changes to health benefits, which take effect tomorrow, Wednesday, March 15, 2017.

He posted the following documents to accompany his breaking story:

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2 responses to “Hurley: Chiesa’s Atlantic City Action Plan Contains Deep Salary Cuts to Police Department”

  1. WOW .. this is WORSE THAN Clinton and the Makers?!

    This is what Third World countries do. This is what mobsters do?!

    Call “A state of emergency for “RAIN”and then ABUSE A Privilege .. Kent for SAFTY as an excuse for your friends to do your dirty work & break contracts.

    I GOT REAMED, by My lawyer (back in the DAY) .. because I kept my OWN CHILDREN .. out from school, & THE STATE pulls a STATE OF EMERGENCY .. (keeping ATLANTIC COUNTY STUDENTS OUT OF SCHOOL) as an excuse to BREAK CONTRACTS?!?!


    WHATS NEXT for this CULTURE?!

    It’s unbelievable that such a CULTURE exists in today’s, day and age.

    I can’t help but be reminded of this Passage after listening to this mayor’s quote:

    Revelation 18:23-24 (KJV)
    [23] And .. the LIGHT of (YOUR) candle, will no shine at all in you! …
    Because your merchants were the great men of the WORLD! Because by your SORCERIES, every nation was deceived!

    24] And in her (THE Wicked system /Culture) was found:
    The blood of prophets,
    and Saints,
    and of EVERYONE who’s ever been slain upon the earth.

    Daniel 11:26-27 (CJB)
    [26] Yes, those who shared his food will destroy him; his army will be swept away; and many will fall in the slaughter.
    27] These two kings, (Policy leaders) bent on mischief, will sit at the same table, speaking lies to each other; but none of this will succeed; because the appointed end will not have come yet.

    Fort Lee Mayor says justice has been served in Bridgegate scandal:

  2. Oh wait, there’s more…

    Just see what they did to us and the community in Camden.

    The “screwing” has just begun.
    Sad state of affairs since Christie took power.

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