Hanlon a Potential LG Option for the GOP

In the continuing bruising behind-the-scenes fight for governor 2021, look for the name of Monmouth County Clerk Christine Hanlon to surface as a potential candidate for lieutenant governor.

The man fight right now in the GOP for the nomination to run statewide against (presumably) incumbent Governor Phil Murphy is between former Assemblyman Jack Ciattarelli and GOP Chairman Doug Steinhardt.

If Ocean goes to Steinhardt, the Ciattarelli forces may have a more urgent and strategic play to make in neighboring Monmouth, which could activate Hanlon as an option for running mate. An impressive countywide pol, she could end up on either ticket, as part of the party’s play to present a balanced alternative to Democrats.

This kind of parlor room speculation could produce any number of configurations, of course, but look for Hanlon specifically in intensified conversations as 2021 looms.

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