Mailing it in


Stop whining and just mail in your ballot.

That’s the best way to read a blunt message today from Laura Ali, the chair of the Morris County Republican Committee.

In a recent release, she mentions “hard fought legal efforts” by the state Republican Committee and the Trump campaign to stop the Murphy Administration’s election plan, which includes vote-by-mail.

All registered voters should get a ballot the week of Oct. 5. They can mail it in, put it in a “drop box,” or hand it in on Election Day. Voters also can vote in person on Election Day; there will be at least one polling place in every town.

Republican leaders from the president on down are condemning the idea.

But Ali seems to be taking a more practical approach.

“Although most Republicans don’t like this, we can’t keep wasting valuable time complaining about this on social media and in social circles,” she says. “It is time for massive action and for a coordinated effort to get out our Republican votes.”

Ali adds that Republicans should stop protesting mail-in-voting and just do it. And she correctly notes that ballots can be tracked online.

This truly is a different – and some might say – welcome approach.

Let’s see if it prompts state Republicans to abandon their suit.

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