Murphy Spoke With Biden On Saturday Evening; Covered ‘Three Main Topics’


Governor Murphy says he spoke with President-elect Joe Biden on Saturday evening, calling the incoming president a ‘friend for many many years’ and is ‘looking forward to working with him once he takes the reigns of the federal government’.

During the ‘good conversation’, as Murphy said, the two covered three main topics: the pandemic, federal stimulus, and infrastructure, specifically the Gateway tunnel.

Murphy said Biden put together a ‘tremendously talented’ health policy team.

‘We’ve had extraordinary cooperation and partnership, it must be said, with the current administration’, Murphy said, noting he’s looking forward to a ‘good working relationship with them’ over the next six weeks.

Murphy expressed to Biden the need for federal stimulus funds, as well as infrastructure investment.  ‘I’m extremely hopeful that this project will move under President Biden’s administration, and I offer mine and our administration’s partnership in any way that is needed’.

Murphy said his team continues to have regular contact with the President-elect’s team, including  Biden’s incoming Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff.

‘The needs of New Jersey are being put front and center’ in the incoming administration, Murphy noted.

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