The Torch ,Ticked off by Trenton Troubles, Gets Torched by Gee

Amid the fallout from Sunday night night property destruction in Trenton, former U.S. Senator Bob Torricelli jousted on Facebook with James Gee, chief of staff to U.S. Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-12).

“When I left the Senate I decided to not only make money but also continue to help people,” The Torch wrote on his Facebook page. “I invested in three abandoned properties in Trenton. They’re now tax paying buildings, with a minority owned restaurant and medical office, that employ local people.
Last night rioters destroyed the bank and damaged other businesses. Who will ever invest or open businesses now? What about the people who work here and use these doctors and other businesses.”

Gee slapped aside Torricielli’s top hat and tails altruism.

“Nearly 50 years of disinvestment in Trenton, concentrated poverty to allow other towns to remain without poverty or without Diversity, and you ask questions about what happened this week?” he wrote. “Who will invest in Trenton? Another guy looking to profit off the City without any concern for its past or future or its place in a society where White people only see White people as people.”

The threads of discord intensified on the thread as insider Gerry Gibbs attempted to referee.

“Thank you for speaking truth to power,” Gibbs told Gee. “As property owner right down the street from the Senator’s building I understand the frustration of the having to deal with the aftermath of these acts …..but I also have a complete understanding of why these acts happen and the constant conditions within our neighborhoods that are getting WORSE not better as time passes.”

He had company.

“Wow, silent about all of this on FB until this post,” wrote Joe Giglio. “Your previous post was about feeding your horses or something. So telling, it’s a good thing you aren’t in office any more.”

Then Mike Drewniak, former spokesman for Governor Chris Chrisie, jumped feet first into the brawl.

“That’s awful, Senator,” he said, opting for terseness in his Trenton Torch takedown. “I remember when you first bought and renovated those spaces. Poor Trenton.”

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