Insider NJ Presents Tom Barrett’s New Jersey Irish American Leaders 2022 List


Insider NJ’s annual tribute to St. Patrick’s Day is our way of celebrating and acknowledging the accomplishments and contributions of New Jersey’s Irish Americans, statewide.

Once again, with its more than two dozen newcomers and veterans alike, this year’s list offers collective insight into those with a commitment to their Irish American heritage and to their communities.

Two years ago, we saluted McGovern’s Tavern, the iconic and now 87-year-old Irish pub, located on New Street in downtown Newark.

Last year’s introduction featured eight New Jersey Irish Americans who by way of their humanity, generosity, erudition and heroics, offered us, in the midst of the pandemic, hope for a bright and encouraging future.

From left: Barrett, Sherrill, Caputo.

This time we get to shine a light on five Essex County Irish American women. Indefatigable, willing to engage in tumultuous world, state and municipal events, known for their accomplishments, community service and charitable contributions, we offer them this year’s “Tip of the Top Hat.”

One is a distinguished member of the United States Congress, another a Township Mayor. Then there is the former Mayor and Councilwoman who took on the once male dominated post of Irish Parade Chair.

They are businesswomen, Parade Grand Marshals, Deputy Marshals, Irish American “Women of the Year“, a company CEO and, as  individuals and as a group, represent tradition and pride in Irish American heritage.

Download the Irish American List here or view it below:

Tom Barrett's NJ Irish American Leaders 2022
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5 responses to “Insider NJ Presents Tom Barrett’s New Jersey Irish American Leaders 2022 List”

  1. Dear Tom

    This is the most comprehensive list of leading Irish contributors to our state. Well done.

    I did note one omission and like to add for consideration: John Carpenter was three times Mayor of Bernard’s Township

    Under his leadership the township achieved the remarkable distinction of becoming debt free and secured triple AAA bond rating with a pay as you go philosophy It’s budget is exactly the same as 10 years ago, rare in our state.

    Best regards and keep up the great journalism

    22 Benedict Crescent
    Basking Ridge, NJ 07920

  2. What happened to Kevin Corbett, CEO of NJ Transit? You included people who haven’t been relevant in a decade, but omitted him?

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