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In a few weeks we’ll all be partying down at Cuba Libre and we’ll feel better, sports fans.

That was originally supposed to be “Giants fans,” as I contemplated writing this introduction on a Sunday night, envisioning a Charlton Heston paternal Jets tone for a blue franchise made even more blue by the Dallas Cowboys.

But then Monday night happened, and (see below, far below) the Giants suddenly looked – if it could possibly be believed – better – and more sure-footed – than the Jets.

Helium went into the vocal chords with a kind of cruel vengeance.

Given the history of the two franchises, the Giants looked much, much better than Gang Green.

As I write this, I hear that table of Buffalo Bills fans again absolutely obnoxiously taking over the bar.

But, hey, life isn’t just about football.

If it was then we’d all be like the Al Pacino character in Any Given Sunday, who come to think of it, reminds me of most people I’ve ever had a conversation with in this state.

And – truth be told – that’s not a bad thing.

It’s great, in fact.

In the following pages, hopefully you’ll find something that interests you in the way of sport, popular culture, gaming, gambling, rock and roll or art (or what in our state passes for art, what the late Jim Whelan described as the sports banners hanging from the gym, “That’s art.”).

It’s all art, really.

Unless it’s a wind turbine.

Then it’s literature.

Hopefully, the stuff makes some sense in the end.

But one thing that you should never forget – or question – flipping through the pages that follow:

It’s really all only about New Jersey.

And in the words of Senator Jon Bramnick, with a shrug in the voice, and good-natured chuckle, lest we ever take any of it too seriously – “It’s politics.”

Download Insider NJ’s Special Edition: Gaming, Sports, and Entertainment or view it below:

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