Insider NJ’s 2018 Insider 100: Media Publication

Download the 2018 Insider 100: Media publication here.

Welcome to another edition of the InsiderNJ Media Personalities List, our look at the
reporters and writers and some of the editors who cover politics and shape the news narratives
in this state.

We had a conversation with NJ Spotlight’s John Reitmeyer recently, who mentioned that the
legendary Mark Twain got his writing start when he covered a trip to the Holy Land.

That’s not good news for those aspiring members of New Jersey’s Fourth Estate, desperately
toiling away in what amounts to the opposite of God’s country.

But we’ll take it.

Besides, Newark native Stephen Crane started out covering the Asbury Park boardwalk.

Of course, he didn’t last long. But his words endure.

Significantly on this this year’s media list, we mark the retirement of two longtime professionals:
The Jersey Journal’s Agustin “Augie” Torres, one of the most respected political reporters
and columnists in the state; and The Record editorial page editor Al Doblin, long a staple of
New Jersey political reporting and editorializing. We miss both of them.

Download the 2018 Insider 100: Media publication here or view it below:


The 2018 Insider 100: Media
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