INSIDERNJ Poll: Who is Your Choice for Governor of New Jersey?

Who is Your Choice for Governor of the State of New Jersey?

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15 responses to “INSIDERNJ Poll: Who is Your Choice for Governor of New Jersey?”

  1. I see the rullobots are busy as all get out and who the hell are Johns,
    Zinna & Brennan? Are they even on the ballot? This is nothing but a
    flawed #fakenews poll, non scientific poll.

    • Jim Granelli is someone with a serious axe to grind when it comes to Rullo. You need to find something more constructive to do with your time, man. Also, he is on record as supporting Kim Guadagno. You know – the close ally and loyal friend of our current Governor, who has hiked spending, raised several taxes (including the 23 cent per gallon hike on gasoline, along with a similar hike on diesel fuel), and currently has job approval below 20%. In other words, Jim essentially wants a Democrat (likely Phil Murphy of Goldman Sachs infamy) to be our next Governor!

    • Hey Jim, go get a few beers and a woman. It will help with the hate. Unless you can’t do certain things with her, which can explain the frustrations…

    • The problem with Assemblyman John Wisniewski, as well as all established candidates for governor of both parties, is the corrupt nature of the body politic in this state. Meaning, any product of the established body politic in this state has gone through a filtering process that only allows compromised candidates to rise to the top. People vetted by the state’s Republican and Democratic hierarchies, corrupted in their own right, can’t afford uncorrupted candidates for higher offices because, if successful, these new office holders would greatly threaten the corrupted status quo.

      So, the problem becomes that any political candidate for high office of either well established political party’s regular organization in this state must be viewed with a jaundiced eye as highly suspect.

      To resolve the problem we need either third party candidates or candidates of either Dem or Pub parties that aren’t the product of the regular organizational hierarchy of either of those organizations.

      Only candidates untainted by having risen in the corrupted body politic, thus not suffering the deficit of being vetted by that body politic to filter out the characteristics, honesty and loyalty to the electorate that voted them into office over partisan politics, is going to solve our problems in the state house and governor’s mansion of this state.

  2. Check out the candidates positions on oil pipelines running through the water supply of over 6 million NJ residents and what these candidates think about NJ’s role in energy for the future. Educate yourself on their positions and understand why some of these politicians can not stand up and outright oppose infra structure projects that put over 70% of the states water resources at risk.

  3. Out of these, certainly Wisniewski, but Seth Kaper Dale is also an excellent candidate running for the Green party.

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