InsiderNJ Poll: Is Biden Salvageable?

After a disastrous debate performance last week, President Joe Biden went into damage control tonight in an exclusive interview with ABC News personality George Stephanopoulos.

When a skeptical Stephanopoulos pressed him on fitness, the president ticked off accomplishments.

Did he do enough?

Sources say Democrats are prepared to swap out the incumbent and back Vice President Kamala Harris as Biden’s replacement.

Your thoughts:

Should Joe Biden Drop out of the Prez Race?


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3 responses to “InsiderNJ Poll: Is Biden Salvageable?”

  1. How many no votes came from President Biden, his wife, family, or the staff that shielded his age-related cognitive decline from the world? ( This is not a scientific polls; if you want to vote again, simply hit back button.)

  2. Too late to swap out the incumbent. The Democrazy-Communist party was hell-bent on making Biden their one-and-only candidate from the outset because he was the empty-shell puppet they could manipulate. Then he and the party opened their stupid mouths and challenged Donald Trump to a debate. The debate was a debacle, showing the ENTIRE WORLD how Biden was non compos mentis.

    Many political pundits, like Democrat strategist David Axelrod is saying that if Biden is not removed, it is going to be a massive landslide in favor of Trump and MAGA voters (over 100 MILLION of us!!!!!!!!!!).

    You Democrat-Communists “made your bed; now sleep in it”.

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