INSIDERNJ Poll: Should Marijuana be Legalized in the State of New Jersey?

INSIDERNJ Poll: Should Marijuana be Legalized in the state of New Jersey?

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    • Is this a serious question? You really think the next logical step after legalizing marijuana would be to legalize heroin? Obviously you have never completed any educational research on marijuana and how it can help people with numerous issues. While heroin isn’t legal now there are many many many other legal medications that are derived from opium just like heroin. Why is that perfectly acceptable but marijuana which has been shown to help with many ailments with minimal side effects. it can be taken orally or vaporized to circumvent smoking.

      • Then explain to me why the head of the DEA said marijuana is only slightly less harmful than heroin? Literally the head of the DEA said that. And they would know because they are in charge of drug policy and research. It’s been illegal for this long for a reason.

        • After that comment I don’t believe anything I say will change your mind. If you really believe the head of the DEA is actually telling the truth you are sadly mistaken. Have you ever heard of Belita Nelson? If you do some research you will answer your own question as to why the DEA states what it does. It is all about money and if you believe anything else you are sadly mistaken.

          • He is obviously fucking with you, just one look at his profile shows a comment about being high. He is obviously pointing out the absurdness of that view point.

        • Because the DEA doesn’t make money if there’s no one to arrest and incarcerate. Big Pharma doesn’t make money if you’re growing your own medicine and aren’t addicted to legal drugs, you know, like ativan, kolonopin, xanax, oxycodine, roxycodine, valium, vicodin, percocet, you know, drugs that kill you. As opposed to marijuana, which doesn’t. It’s surprising yet not surprising that people still believe that the DEA is the word of god and not another institution capitalizing off mass incarceration

        • DEA Chief Chuck Rosenberg will likely maintain his position on marijuana, as would any chief, primarily because the DEA doesn’t want the public to perceive it as an unnecessary use of government spending. If you rack up the amount of marijuana related charges/arrests/incarcerations in the last twenty years, you’d find that marijuana affords many smaller agencies reasonable evidence to show funders that their efforts are being put to use. Similar to the way any government agency tries to spend their full budget within a year to maintain or increase their budget for the next fiscal year, the DEA must do the same. Though, in terms of lives saved, or kept safe through purely marijuana related operations, you’ll find that number to be pure speculation, as it would require that there had been a long-standing and present history of deaths caused by the use of marijuana, and by ‘only’ the use of marijuana. I think there have been a few cases reported within the last five years implicating marijuana as the culprit, and in all of those cases, the victim/offender had other substances in notable amounts in their system. That marijuana was involved at all gives public media a chance to harp on its dangers.

          You mentioned that the DEA conducts research on marijuana. Based on the history of the DEA, and especially on the statements of AG Jeff Sessions, you can probably guess that the evidence found will either not be accurate to the point of the DEA taking it off the Schedule 1, or will just be false. Comparison studies between unbiased and third party organizations, vs studies listed from interested groups, will often have completely different results. And given the public statements by former spokesperson/international media rep to the DEA Belita Nelson, who worked at the agency from 1998-2004, turned marijuana reform advocate, stated that ‘Marijuana is safe, and the DEA knows it.’

          I suggest that you look for studies that are held by non-government organizations and come to your own conclusions, rather than merely taken what is given to you. I’ve found questioning things and looking for answers from all sources has kept me sharp.

    • First of all you brain washed fuck, it wasn’t the head of the DEA who said that «marijuana is slightly less harmful than heroin», it was jeff sessions, an old uninformerd idiot, and the biggest anti cannabis advocate of the trump administration. Second, cannabis was made illegal during the 30’s by the secretary of police, to have a reason to arrest mexicans due to racial discrimination and to rise the number of arrests. And thirdly, cannabis is used for many therapeutic reasons per example for parkinsons and many other illnesses. And let me guess, you drink alcohol on certain occasions , right ? The drug that kills 88000 people per year in the united states alone, while marijuana has zero deaths directly linked to cannabis. So please, with all due respect , fuck off sheep.

  1. The wording of the question could be better. I presume InsiderNJ is referring to Recreational Marijuana. I don’t see a way to get to the tax dollars other than through Recreational Marijuana. I think only 600 doctors out of 20,000 have made themselves available to the NJ Medical Marijuana program.

  2. People who support legalization for adult use of cannabis should call it “adult use” not “recreational marijuana”. Do you drink recreational alcohol? or smoke recreational tobacco?

    Also the plant is called “cannabis” Marijuana is a slang name for that plant.

    The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 legitimized the use of the term “marijuana” as a label for hemp and cannabis plants and products in the US and around the world. Prior to 1937, “marijuana” was slang; it was not included in any official dictionaries. The word marijuana is probably of Mexican origin. Mexico itself had passed prohibition for export to the US in 1925, following the International Opium Convention. In the years leading up to the tax act, it was in common use in the United States, “smoked like tobacco”, and called “ganjah”, or “ganja”. After the enactment, illegal immigrants and US citizens could be arrested for possession of cannabis.

    • That’s because their isn’t medical tobacco or medical alcohol (except pure alcohol which is dangerous to consume). The enactment was a sham, in order to target minorities in the Mexican and African American communities.

  3. A combination of compelling arguments along with the exit of Chris Christie from power in the state may produce a perfect climate for comprehensive reform of marijuana laws including taxation, regulation and legalization. Marijuana has an addiction rate about equal to caffeine with similar withdrawal symptoms. Far more harm is done to our society by criminalizing marijuana use than is done by the drug itself.

  4. Recovering heroin addict here. 5 years clean thanks to marijuana. 23% recovery rate for opioid abusers in colorado with marijuana treatment compared to NA and AAs 5%. 95% of addicts relapse. But you know more about drugs than i do, dont you, you piece of shit? Don’t even stay in Newark im from Chicago where the morgue at the hospital is at full capacity so they put overdoses in air conditioned rooms. You rich people like to do drugs too. I used to sell to a lot of you priveleged fucks.turned my life around and now i got the rich kids in government who partied their whole life telling me drugs are bad. Whatd you do in college? Stayed inside and studied? Youre a fucking joke.

  5. Christies an idiot. He authorizes that NJ ticket blitz to make 9 million dollars in ticket money. I drive every day I dont see too many speeders So I have to pay??? And this guy wolnt legalize weed. Theres heroin dealers everywhere in Trenton. He cant even keep his own backyard clean. I saw 2 cops in a dunkin donuts eating donuts. There was a hand to hand drug deal 20 feet away and this jerk wont legalize weed. He wants it illegal so they can arrest us and make money. Dont let him become president is seton hall. The poor black people have it hard enough. We dont need Christie anymore

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