INSIDERNJ Poll: Do You Think an NJ Elected Official Should Revel in Posing with the Confederate Flag?

The Freeholder fight unites more than it delights.

INSIDERNJ Poll: Do You Think an NJ Elected Official Should Revel in Posing with a Confederate Flag?

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3 responses to “INSIDERNJ Poll: Do You Think an NJ Elected Official Should Revel in Posing with the Confederate Flag?”

  1. Sometime hate does not come from the people who you perceive are haters, it comes from the people perceiving it.
    You can try to wash away American History good or bad, but it our history and if you label a statue or flag as bad history, it still history. If you hate the history saying it’s of hate, then you made it about hate. It’s our history, it’s represents the freedom to fight for your belief even if someone else disagrees with it.
    The constitutions has recently been interpreted to give everyone rights even a devil worshiping group to pray at a council meeting, Defend gays, Muslims, men dressing as women to use women’s restroom, deny Christians the right to not serve what their faith tells them too and just about anything. Hispanics, Blacks, Middle Easterners and every flesh can get constitutional recognition but as soon as a White person seeing this say, “what about us” can we recognize ourselves and our people the same?” the are banned by the constitution and the “colored” public, lack for a better word.
    Everyone but White folks are protected under the constitution because they are deem to be part of the “bad” side of history. When I see a confederate flag it reminds me of American History a battle lost and a reminder that when you take up arms to divide race you will loose, but if the person hold that flag wants to remind himself of a place he comes from and part of a generation his comes from and he still believes in or not doesn’t the get constitutional protection for his belief, as long as he is not exaction violence or giving a rebirth to racism that separates us. I say we are already separated White want to be recognized for being White and Blacks don’t want them to, Blacks want to be recognized for being Blacks and Whites say, then we should be awarded the same.
    Ironically the same Democratic Party that created the KKK and like groups are now the ones trying to distance themselves from it and act like they are trying to get ride of it. It’s your demon it’s your flag you created it and now you want the Genie back in the bottle because it’s convenient for you.
    Wear the darn flag, let them obey the constitution for a change. Law is good for one, it is good for all.

  2. It’s not about the first amendment, actually. The first amendment applies only to Government entities censoring individuals. This elected official can pose in front of a Confederate flag if he wants without fear of being imprisoned for it. And I’m free to call him an idiot who has no respect for America.

  3. Maybe add to the poll, should a Freeholder’s facebook page be the forum for hate speech about hating a-hole towel heads? Seems Stick Romano doesn’t mind it, it’s been there for 2 weeks, and while he didn’t participate in the convo himself, there are active posts the same day and the next day, so can’t claim he doesn’t check the page. If he won’t clean up garbage from his Facebook how can he claim he’ll represent everyone in a diverse city?

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