InsiderNJ Poll: Who Should Succeed McKeon in the Assembly?

The Gold Dome.

Who Should Succeed McKeon as the Next LD27 Assemblyperson?

Livingston Deputy Mayor Al Anthony
3,289 Votes (15.86%)
Livingston Councilman Shawn Klein
9,152 Votes (44.14%)
Millburn Mayor Maggee Miggins
6,233 Votes (30.06%)
161 Votes (0.78%)
Carrie Parikh, Lawyer, chief privacy officer and assistance general counsel
1,899 Votes (9.16%)


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3 responses to “InsiderNJ Poll: Who Should Succeed McKeon in the Assembly?”

  1. DemonRats are 100% corrupt evil liars. We need to put Republicans in and get rid of all of the scum that Support keeping criminal animals out of cages and bringing in garbage criminal illegal. Aliens that are completely and totally uncivilized. All DemonRats must go.

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