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“I’m bored,” an operative confided to InsiderNJ as he sat in an unnamed headquarters in North Jersey, trying to figure out how to make politics feel exciting again, as if the contest mattered – like a ballgame with guys on base and the outcome perilously in the balance with every pitch.

But is it really that bad?

There’s truly nothing happening of consequence?

Well, it is bad.

Let’s be honest.

Certainly, from the standpoint of everyday voters and their level of interest, we find little to celebrate. Collectively, we have allowed our political institutions to collapse under the amassed weight of transactionalism to the point where few people beyond the corrupt cocoon believe – or trust. “The best lack all conviction while the worst are filled with passionate intensity,” W.B. Yeats wrote, and it strikes a chord now, especially as we see Donald Trump preparing for another demonic run for the White House amid the tatters of a placating Republican Party.



There still may be some life left.

Even… just…a… little… life… left.

Let’s find it.

Let us examine the landscape of this, our beloved dysfunctional state, and divine what politics remains, as expressed by this June 6th Primary cycle, contextualize the meaning, and draw some semblance of dignity from our meltdown.

Download Insider NJ’s June Primary Elections Special Edition or view it below:

June Primary Elections
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