INSIDERNJ Quiz: Test Your Knowledge of New Jersey’s General Assembly Speakers

As the NJ Legislature now awaits Governor Phil Murphy’s actions on the 2020 budget, a veteran statehouse source admitted to being confused about front office gamesmanship. The source also predicts the state government will shut down for a day or two.

In 1972, David Friedland helped make Tom Kean Speaker. Who was the Elizabeth representative who joined him?

Which Speaker of the NJ Assembly later served as Vice President?

Which Speaker once competed as a bodybuilder?

Who served as Speaker of the General Assembly when U.S. Senator Charles Sumner famously railed against slavery?

Which speaker led the tabling of several resolutions that bad-mouthed President Abe Lincoln, who was visiting the NJ Statehouse?

One of the nixed resolutions against Lincoln included the following:

To get to the Assembly, Craig Coughlin outdueled a retired judge appointed by what former Governor?

Who served as Speaker of the Assembly with Royal Governor William Franklin?

This speaker was a war hero in the Revolution, but then endured a muddied reputation because of his affiliation with Aaron Burr:

Which Speaker shot down German planes in WWI?

Who was the first black woman Speaker of the New Jersey General Assembly?

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