InsiderNJ Radio: Bergen and Snowflack Clash on the Julie Briggs Show

Today’s episode of the Julie Briggs Show on WMTR sponsored by InsiderNJ features a discussion about the federal charges against former President Donald J. Trump in the Mar-a-Lago documents case.

Among the guests on the show, host Julie Briggs welcomes…

InsiderNJ Columnist Fred Snowflack

Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R-25)

Former Morristown Mayor Donald Cresitello

and Libertarian Murray Sabrin

Ms. Briggs’ inquiry produces a lively debate among the guests about the former President’s troubles, what they mean for the country, the 2024 presidential election, and for the state of the union itself.

WMTR and InsiderNJ partner each week to tackle the political news of the day in a vital, nonpartisan and informative way.

Julie Briggs, award winning television and radio interviewer, hosts “Your New Jersey Connection” and “Ask the Expert” on WMTR.

A native of New Jersey, Ms. Briggs is a political science graduate from Seton Hall University. She broadcast in San Diego and San Francisco and was formerly news anchor and news director of New Jersey Cable TV programs. She writes commercials for national accounts, does voice-overs, and is the mother of three boys.

Former columnist with The Daily Record and editorial page editor with the Bergen Record, New Jersey native Mr. Snowflack is the chief political columnist with InsiderNJ.

Originally broadcast last month on WMTR, this InsiderNJ-sponsored edition of the Julie Briggs Show can be accessed below…

Please stay tuned each Monday for the latest InsiderNJ radio shows from WMTR. Throughout the summer, InsiderNJ will feature other past episodes of our WMTR radio show, with Julie Briggs, and with the legendary Jessie Frees – and not just on Mondays.

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One response to “InsiderNJ Radio: Bergen and Snowflack Clash on the Julie Briggs Show”

  1. The former President’s troubles are contrived by the Democrat-Socialists and their Deep State buddies trying to keep him out of office because they know that their reign in D.C. will be over when he wins the Presidency. Donald Trump is so far ahead of every Republican candidate for the primaries, that it’s a done deal. And, he’s pulling away from Resident Joe Biden in the general election polls for President. Joe Biden (and by extension Kamala Harris) are no longer viable for the Democrat Party.

    Trump’s problems are nothing but deminimis issues being blown out of proportion by a corrupt DOJ controlled by a corrupt Biden Crime Family. In fact, Trump had the right to declassify all documents as President, and he’s not worried about the fake, phoney, fraudulent charges being brought by the stooge special counsel, Jack Smith. Smith hasn’t won a big case against any politician in the past couple of decades.
    And, Smith is rabidly anti-Trump as he and his wife and daughter have contributed significantly to the Democrats and the Joe Biden campaign.

    So, wasting more time denigrating and berating Trump will only cause his poll numbers to keep climbing. So, you Democrat idiots and the lapdog press keep it up, and you will have Trump in the Whitehouse by a landslide.

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