InsiderNJ Radio: Interview with Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill

U.S. Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-11).

U.S. Rep. Mikie Sherrill (D-11) sits down this week with host Julie Briggs for an exclusive interview prior to Briggs’ scheduled political roundtable.

Also participating:

InsiderNJ Publisher John Graham

Former Senate Majority Leader Loretta Weinberg

InsiderNJ Columnist Fred Snowflack

Republican Committeeman Larry Casha

Director of Government Relation-Policy and Politics at New Jersey Education Association Deborah Cornavaca

and Democratic Committeeman Tom Barrett

The full insiderNJ-WMTR episode can be accessed here:



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3 responses to “InsiderNJ Radio: Interview with Congresswoman Mikie Sherrill”

  1. Interviews mean nothing. What has Sherrill done for this state and this country??? NOTHING!!!!! She talks a good game about our military, but allows the Biden Racketeering Crime Family Administration, and their do-nothing lapdog Mayorkas to keep the Southern and Northern borders wide open and then lie to our faces that they are closed and under control. All the while over 300 on the terrorist watch list have been caught at the Southern Border (probably over 1,000 missed) and young Chinese men (from the ChiCom Army) were caught with modern-style luggage cases carrying technical equipment (maybe to build a Nuke, or shut down our electrical grid?????).

    Sherrill is a complete waste of time and a liar as well. She goes along to get along with the Biden Crime Family. If Sherrill was so concerned about our military and national security, she would be leading the charge to immediately close the borders, defund Ukraine, fund Israel (our only friend that’s a real democracy), build up a very strong military that we had under President Trump, tell the Red Chinese to go to h*ll when they rattle their sabers and threaten our U.S. Navy ships and Taiwan, and make the military an organization young people would be proud to join–instead of using it for social experimentation in abortions, LGBTQ doctrines, DEI doctrines and other ridiculous socialist tyranny nonsense.

  2. – Might you be a “Forever Trumper?” At least you care about Israel – that’s good. Clearly, though, are not concerned about saving democracy from Putin.
    – Have you flown a military helicopter into battle in Iraq and Afghanistan?
    – Sherril is a strong woman. I thank God for her and wish her all the best.

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