Jasey Announces Campaign for New Jersey’s 8th Congressional District Seat

Senate Candidate, Kyle Jasey, announces decision to run against Rob Menendez Jr. in New Jersey’s Eighth Congressional District.

In his official statement, Kyle Jasey expressed his motivations and future plans:

“After many conversations with my team, my family and my friends, I have decided to end my pursuit of the NJ Senate Seat held by Bob Menendez. Long before Senator Menendez was indicted, I planned on challenging him. Like many people in New Jersey, I was tired of his brazen corruption. At this time, there appear to be other capable candidates in the race, and Senator Menendez’s tenure representing our state is coming to an end.

A year and a half ago, I was sitting on a hospital bed with long COVID and feared that I would not be around to raise my kids. I told myself that if I made it out of that situation and was given a second chance, I would show my sons what it meant to stand up and fight for something. New Jersey is worth fighting for, and I’m tired of corrupt politicians fighting only for themselves. This is why I chose to challenge Bob Menendez when no one else would, and I am proud that I stood up for the people of my state. That being said, I still feel there is work to be done.

After surviving his last trial with a hung jury, I believe that Bob Menendez disenfranchised the people of the 8th Congressional District by anointing his son to the open congressional seat he once held. The voters were never given a real choice in this matter. For this reason, I am seeking the Democratic nomination for the 8th congressional district, and I look forward to making my case to the community.

It’s time for a change in New Jersey. We need leadership that not only represents our interests in Congress but also understands our values and lived experiences. As a father raising my family in this community, and as an entrepreneur who started my business here, I understand the challenges that families in NJ-08 face every day. I’m eager to share my vision for a new kind of representation – one that truly reflects the will of the people. I hope you will join me as we embark on this journey towards a brighter and more inclusive future for all of us.”

For more information about Kyle Jasey’s campaign for the 8th Congressional District, please visit www.jaseyforjersey.com.

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3 responses to “Jasey Announces Campaign for New Jersey’s 8th Congressional District Seat”

  1. More NJ nepotism. Just like Menendez and his son, Brendan Gill and his wife, and Murphy and his wife.

    I am ashamed to be a NJ Democrat.

  2. If you’re ashamed of “being a Democrat “ try being a true independent. Both parties have the base of robots, and has been said before, “it’s a big club, and you ain’t in it”. It’s the independents both “parties” have to work for.

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