Jay Webber’s Trump Card

Jay Webber is all in for Donald Trump. With many Republicans in New Jersey distancing themselves from the president, Webber continues to move toward him. 

He strongly backs the so-called Trump tax cuts and at a rally this week in Hanover adopted the president’s verbiage in talking about “winning.” Webber’s reference was to the strong economy. Webber also has picked up the president’s habit of giving unflattering nicknames to his opponents. Think “Montclair Mikie.”

So it probably is not all that surprising that the president plans to host a fundraiser next week in Washington to benefit Webber and a number of other GOP congressional hopefuls. 

The Mikie Sherrill camp – that would be “Montclair Mikie” – quickly sent out a statement accusing the Republican candidate in congressional District 11 of putting the interests of Washington ahead of those of New Jersey.  That’s to be expected, but pure politics aside, you have to wonder what Webber is doing.  Many New Jersey Republicans are not embracing Trump simply because his popularity in the state is awfully low – less than 40 percent in recent polls. 

It is understood that Trump’s approval rating would be higher in the 11th District, but still, not astronomically so.  It’s hard to see how embracing the president is going to get Webber support from independents. Keep in mind that the Trump presidency is the main reason Democrats are so energized in a district that long has been staunchly Republican.

So, what’s Webber’s strategy?

Other than needing campaign cash, the only possible explanation is that Webber wants to do all he can to get Republicans excited. As Webber said himself at the Hanover rally, he wins if Republicans vote in great numbers; he loses if they don’t. 

There is some logic here, given the fact the district still has more registered Republicans than Democrats. One man at the Hanover rally, Bill Budesheim, a former mayor of Riverdale in Morris County, told me that the Brett Kavanaugh hearings and Elizabeth Warren’s misguided DNA test have roused up Republicans. That remains to be seen. The problem with relying on loyal Republicans – and only loyal Republicans to push you over the top – is that you box yourself in. Appealing only to one segment of the electorate leaves very little room for error. 

The latest poll gives Sherrill an 11-point lead. The race is probably closer than that, but what’s instructive is that every poll has shown the Democrat ahead. You’d think Webber needs independents to swing his way, and not just staunch Republicans to vote.

But will walking arm-in-arm with Trump appeal to independents?


On a side note, this race truly is getting national attention, as many predicted. On the campaign trail this week, I encountered reporters from Toronto and Japan. Yes, they were covering the race in New Jersey’s 11th District. Amid all this attention, it’s curious, or maybe it’s not, that Rodney P. Frelinghuysen, the district’s current congressman, has become almost a forgotten man. And that’s apparently how he wants it. I reached out to the congressman’s office this week in the remote chance he’d be willing to talk about the race to succeed him. There was no response.

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4 responses to “Jay Webber’s Trump Card”

  1. I’m so thrilled to have the support of our glorious President Donald J. Trump! He truly is the God-Emperor, and his election was absolutely Devine intervention to save America. Once he lays hands on me in our upcoming fundraiser in Washington, D.C., my victory will be assured. Long live Trump! May the Trump dynasty last 100 years! 🙏✝️

    • Don’t you have anything better to do all damn day than to monitor any and every social media and news feed that mentions Webber and then immediately post all these dip-shit stupid comments?

      So, who pays you to do this? Or are you just another garden variety internet troll?

      • Your comments are extremely disrespectful, and I can only assume that you an unhinged leftist. If you continue in this vein I will have no choice but to block you.

  2. Rodney Frelingheusen, today, endorsed Jay Webber for Congress. As to the “independents”, my guess is the old adage will prevail, “it’s the economy stupid”.

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