Jersey City Council President Watterman Endorses Bhalla for Congress


In the wake of Friday’s court ruling striking down county line’s for this years election, The Ravi Bhalla for Congress campaign today announced the endorsement of Jersey City Council President Joyce Watterman.

“I’m concerned about the future of New Jersey. As we heard the court’s ruling striking down the county line, it speaks to how much change is truly needed in New Jersey. Women are underrepresented in New Jersey Government. As a woman I’m tired of being disrespected by those who sit in seats of power. I’m tired of false promises and secret partnerships. I am a woman who has my own voice and stands with my own convictions. It is the voice of women all over NJ that continues to be ignored. But that stops now.

“Today, I endorse Ravi Bhalla for Congress because I believe in him. As mayor of Hoboken, Ravi has delivered for his community. From taking on the crisis of affordability to ensuring that our most vulnerable residents are taken care of, Congress would benefit a great deal from Ravi’s leadership. And throughout his time as a public servant – first as a city council member and then as mayor – Ravi has provided a strong and consistent voice against hatred, racism and discrimination in all its forms. He is the kind of representative we need in our corner, which is why he has my full and enthusiastic support,” said Jersey City Council President Joyce Watterman.

“I am incredibly grateful to have the support of Jersey City Council President Joyce Watterman. A leader in Hudson County, Council President Watterman represents the best of public service across  all of New Jersey. From her time as a non-profit leader supporting children and families to her advocacy in support of criminal justice reform programs to ensure that all of us are treated fairly by the law, Council President Watterman has helped lead Jersey City forward,” said Ravi Bhalla. “I am pleased to have her support. Together, we’re going to offer the voters of New Jersey’s 8th congressional district a better choice.”

Ravi Bhalla is challenging Representative Rob Menendez Jr. in the June 4th Democratic Primary

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  1. Hudson seems confused …. So Jersey City Council President is with Ravi……The HCDO is with Menendez….. FULOP is with Ravi…after being with Menendez( switched sides again)….. so the question is… does the HCDO support FULOP for governor? …Not to mention FULOP is with Sacco….Stack is out for Sacco…… someone clarify…

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