The Jersey Journal Endorses Menendez

Writes the Jersey Journal:

“Yes, we, like many New Jerseyans, have misgivings because of the federal accusations and Senate Ethics Committee’s admonishment of Menendez over gifts he accepted from a friend and campaign donor and actions he took on that donor’s behalf. Perhaps we are more sensitive than most to the disappointment these actions stirred.

“We have followed Menendez’s ascent from testifying against his former mentor in a corruption trial to local elected office to the House of Representatives to the Senate. Over four-plus decades, we’ve noted the pride he brought to the Hudson County and Hispanic communities with his many “firsts.” And we’ve recorded the policy achievements that have had lasting impacts for our readers. The accusations cut deep even for jaded news veterans who have become inured to the sight of Hudson County politicians at the defense table.”

To read the entire editorial, please go here.

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