Jones Pounces on Hugin’s ‘Great President’ Assessment of Trump

With former President Donald Trump announcing that he will run in the 2024 election, New Jersey Republicans are already lining up to support him. In an NJ Spotlight interview last night, NJ Republican Chairman Bob Hugin referred to the twice-impeached Trump as a “Great President” and did not back away from his past embrace of the embattled former president.

“Donald Trump was not a ‘great president’  — he was the most divisive, erratic, ineffective leader this country has ever seen. His extreme policies, attacks on our democracy and lingering corruption scandals have left deep scars on our democratic system,” said NJDSC Chairman LeRoy Jones, Jr. “But more than just the damage he has done, Donald Trump is and has always been deeply unpopular here in New Jersey, even among many Republicans who want to see their party move on. While it is no shock to see the leader of the NJ Republican Party embrace Donald Trump again, it is surprising that this comes only a week after voters sent Republicans a clear message on November 8: Donald Trump’s extremist policies have no place in our democracy. I am proud that New Jersey Democrats have stood strong against Donald Trump since the day he announced his first campaign, and we will continue to make it clear that we are the only party that will stop extreme MAGA Republicans from taking over and implementing their dangerous agenda.”

Trump’s support for Republican candidates who fit his extreme MAGA mold has been cited by numerous media outlets and political observers as among the biggest reasons why a “Red Wave” never materialized in the midterm elections. Trump-endorsed candidates who went down in flames last week include New Jersey’s own Dr. Mehmet Oz and his ticket mate Doug Mastriano in Pennsylvania, Arizona election deniers Kari Lake and Blake Masters, Nevada’s Adam Laxalt and many other losing candidates.

“With Donald Trump returning to the national stage once again, every Republican candidate running next year in New Jersey should have to answer whether or not they agree with Chairman Hugin that Trump was a ‘great president’ — Democrats will have our popcorn ready.” said NJDSC Executive Director Saily Avelenda.

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3 responses to “Jones Pounces on Hugin’s ‘Great President’ Assessment of Trump”

  1. Let’s see, under Biden, we have 40-year high inflation, gas prices averaging $4 per gallon, CTR & vulgar woke education in grade schools, parents considered terrorists for speaking out at BOE meetings, he hired 87 ARDMED IRS agents, the U.S once energy independent is now dependent on countries that hate us for oil, a failed military exercise in Afghanistan, war starts in Ukraine, military volunteerism at an all-time LOW, et al! Yes, Hugin is right, Trump IS a GREAT president compared to Biden!

  2. Well said Henry. It was Obama, then Biden who have been the most divisive Presidents in history. Along with their far left cronies they have been the most damaging to America.

    What exactly is wrong about wanting to”Make America Great” for everyone?

  3. I think Mr. Jones has forgotten…. African American families were doing much better at the pump the supermarket and their 401K under President Trump.
    Perhaps Mr. Jones should take a relaxing late night stroll through some of the streets in Newark or Camden. So that he can get a first hand experience of the actual trials that African Americans have to suffer through on a daily basis.
    Just another wealthy liberal spewing nonsense from his bully pulpit that has no bearing on actual reality.
    It’s fortuitous for them that they excel at rigging elections imagine if they had to actually run on their record of achievements…

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