Jones Sworn in as Mayor of Mount Holly

DeAngelo and Jones

On Monday evening Councilman Jason Jones was sworn in as Mayor of Mount Holly for a record 7th year in a row. First elected to Township Council in 2012, Jones was part of the slate of candidates that included current Councilman Lew Brown that wrestled away control of the county seat from Republicans for the first time in decades.  Mayor Jones, a protege of Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo is member of IBEW Local 269.

Chris Banks was also selected by his peers last night to serve as Deputy Mayor again in 2022.  The selections were made unanimously by the 5-0 Democrat controlled Council. The Burlington County seat of Mount Holly switched to a partisan election form of elections in 2014 after the slate of Lew Brown, Rich DiFolco and Jason Jones were elected in 2012.  The 2014 partisan election in Mount Holly was the first held since 1954 when a non-partisan form of government was implemented.

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