Kazmark Invites Frelinghuysen To Woodland Park


Woodland Park Mayor Keith Kazmark sent off a letter to Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen dated Monday July 24th, inviting the CD11 Congressman to hold a town hall in Woodland Park, referencing a news article where Frelinghuysen seemingly agrees in the affirmative with an activist who asks him to meet with constituents.  (“Yep, I’d be happy to,” he responds).


Kazmark writes to Frelinghuysen ‘with that commitment in mind, I would like to offer either our municipal council chambers in Woodland Park’ or another suitable venue, noting municipal staffers are adept at organizing town halls in the past ‘for myself, Senator Kevin O’Toole and Congressman Bill Pascrell, Jr.  We would be more happy to do the same for you.’


As of today, the Woodland Park mayor hasn’t received a response from Frelinghuysen.  Kazmark, as reported by Insider NJ, is looking at a potential CD11 run; another Passaic political figure has already jumped into the fray, Freeholder John Bartlett, who announced in early July.

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