Kean Pivots Back to McCarthy as Jordan Appears to Crash for a Third Time

Excoriated all week, U.S. Rep. Tom Kean (R-7) changed his vote from Jim Jordan to Kevin McCarthy in this morning’s vote for United States Speaker.

From CNN:

In the third round of voting, Rep. Jim Jordan appears to again fall short on votes.

Jordan could only afford to lose five votes from Republicans in order to obtain the votes necessary to win the speaker’s gavel. He’s already lost five votes.

Remember: Members can change their votes up until the vote concludes.

Jordan later did lose, and…

“In a dramatic turn of events, the House GOP conference voted by secret ballot on Friday to drop Jordan as their speaker designee after he failed to win the gavel for the third time in a floor vote earlier in the day.

“Jordan’s failure to win the gavel highlighted the limits of former President Donald Trump’s influence in the speaker’s race after he endorsed Jordan. Speaking to reporters after the vote to push him out, Jordan said, “We need to come together and figure out who our speaker is going to be,” and said he told the conference, “It was an honor to be their speaker designee.”

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