Keyes-Maloney Gets into the Mercer Freeholder Contest

Jennifer Keyes-Maloney officially announced her candidacy for Mercer County Freeholder August 28.  Keyes-Maloney, a lifelong Democrat and active member of the Mercer Democratic Party has been reaching out to committeepersons and elected officials in expectation of the September 5, 2018 Mercer County Convention where the county committee will have a chance to select the committee’s nominee.

“Mercer is my home,” she said. “I believe we all have a responsibility to make the place where we live better.  That’s why I ran for Ewing Council over five years ago, and why I am ‘throwing my hat’ into the race for the Mercer County Freeholder.”

Keyes-Maloney currently serves as Assistant Treasurer for the State of New Jersey.  Previously she served as  Director of Legislative Affairs and Constituent Relations for the State Treasury.  Prior to joining Treasury, she worked as a governmental relations and legal professional for over a decade and half, with the NJ Principals & Supervisors Association and, prior to that, the New Jersey Judiciary.   She began her career in business working for digital production companies in the tri-state area.  She has also served as a grant manager for the College of New Jersey and the City of Philadelphia.

Keyes-Maloney also serves as a member of Ewing Council for the last five years, where she had the privilege of serving as Council President, Vice President and on numerous boards and commissions.  She previously served on Ewing’s Redevelopment Agency as Chair.

“Ewing’s economic, multicultural and religious diversity, to name but a few areas, is a microcosm of the uniquely diverse county that is Mercer.” Keyes-Maloney said. “My works as a local elected leader has also prepared me to represent Mercer County’s diverse citizenry, not only because that role encompasses legislative responsibilities, but more importantly, because of the diversity that exists in Ewing is representative of the capital county.

“Understanding what our options and limitations are, while seeking new and sometimes unique solutions, is critical,” she added. “I am proud to say we have done this in Ewing.  From the Campus Town project at the College of New Jersey, which now contributes a payment in lieu of taxes (PILOT) to the town to pay for local services, to  the regular and ongoing conversations we have with our State and local partners around any changes that may affect our citizens, the experiences I have had as a local elected official, as well as my prior service on Ewing’s Redevelopment Agency are crucial skills that I will bring to the freeholder board.”

Keyes-Maloney’s history in the Mercer County began when she attended the College of New Jersey where she majored in Public Administration and History.  She lives in Glendale section of Ewing with her husband John, a lifelong resident of Mercer County, and her two bulldogs, Maggie & Augie.

Over twenty-five years ago, I came to the College of New Jersey expecting to enjoy college but never expecting to find a place where I would ‘put down roots.’  My father’s job took us all over the country, but I choose Ewing and Mercer as the place I wanted to be.  I found an amazing town in a truly great county.” Keyes-Maloney

An attorney by training, Keyes-Maloney is a graduate of Rutgers Camden Law School.  She is licensed in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  She additionally possesses a business degree from Rutgers as well.

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