Kim would be a Disaster for the American – Israel Alliance


I am known to be outspoken regarding the causes I advocate.  For me, however, the survival and security of Israel is a priority way above and beyond all others.  It is for me existential, a matter absorbing my very heart and soul.  To explain, let me relate my personal story.

I am a descendant of the Malovany and Gurman families of Rozan and Pultusk Poland.  The combined family basically split into three branches.  I am a great-grandson of the American branch, those who immigrated to America in the first part of the 20th Century.  The second branch remained in Pultusk and Rozan and was exterminated virtually completely in the Nazi Holocaust.

The third branch escaped to the former Soviet Union and survived the Second World War in Siberia.  After the war, they emigrated to Israel, where they found safety, security, and hope.

Today, my family in Israel is threatened with genocide by the totalitarian regime in Iran and their unspeakably despicable proxy of Hamas. Yesterday, the American branch of my Malovany family celebrated a simcha, the joyous occasion of a marriage.  We danced and sang to the songs of Israel.  We were not unmindful, however, of the life and death danger facing our family members in Israel.

For the pro-Israel community of New Jersey, the now disgraced US Senator Democrat Bob Menendez was our very best friend.  His descent into vile corruption is a tragedy for the Jewish people of New Jersey. Unlike various self-deluding fools in the far-left fringe of the Democratic Party whom I have continuously denounced, Bob Menendez clearly saw that the Iranian regime is the greatest genocidal threat to the Jewish people since Nazi Germany.

For that reason, Bob Menendez was our unshakable ally in opposing the foolhardy deal with Iran made by the avatars of Iranian appeasement, former President Barack Obama and his Secretary of State John Kerry.   This earned him the undying enmity of the Obama administration and their desire to remove him from public life.

The Obama/Kerry doctrine on Iran found a staunch ally in the Jewish lobby J Street, which up until now has promoted appeasement of both Iran and Palestinian genocidal entities.  In 2018, the J Street PAC endorsed Obama administration veteran Democrat Andy Kim in his initial successful campaign for the US House of Representatives. He firmly supported the Obama/Kerry Iran deal, the ultimate appeasement of a mortal foe of the Jewish people.

The bankruptcy of the Obama/Kerry Iranian appeasement doctrine was proven beyond any reasonable doubt during the past week in the killing fields of Hamas.  To its credit, J Street has now reversed course and is supporting the congressional resolution that pledges unconditional support to Israel’s war in Gaza.

Andy Kim now speaks of standing in solidarity with Israel.  He is entirely untrustworthy in this regard.  As recently as May, 2021, he was implicitly promoting the doctrine of moral equivalence in the then hostilities between Israel and Hamas, advocating reopening the U.S. Consulate in East Jerusalem “to strengthen U.S. engagement with the Palestinian people” and the reopening of the PLO mission in Washington, D.C.  And Kim has never renounced his previous deplorable support of the Iran appeasement deal.

This record of Andy Kim is not the record of a friend of Israel, especially when compared with the record of Democratic pro-Israel Congressional proven stalwarts like Josh Gottheimer and Don Norcross.  When it comes to confronting the enemies of the American-Israel alliance, Andy Kim is a modern day Neville Chamberlain.

Yes, the corruption of Bob Menendez warrants his resignation from the Senate.  He would leave behind, however, a record of unwavering pro-Israel support, a legacy Democrats must honor in selecting their next Senate nominee.

Let me put this in full perspective.  I despise the pro-Trumpist policies of Congressman Jeff Van Drew.  He can be trusted on Israel, however, unlike Andy Kim, a person with a record of dubious, unreliable support of Israel who now is making supportive statements on behalf of the Jewish State out of purely opportunistic political motives.  In a Van Drew-Kim US Senate race, a most unpalatable choice, I would have no alternative but to endorse Van Drew.

Andy Kim was and is the archetypal Obama Democrat who at heart sees moral equivalence between Israel and its Arab enemies.  This is to be distinguished from the pragmatic progressive Clinton Democrats, whose support of Israel by and large was unflagging.  The future of the American-Israel alliance is not to be trusted to ultra-progressive Democrats like Andy Kim.

Alan J. Steinberg of Highland Park served as regional administrator of Region 2 EPA during the administration of former President George W. Bush and as executive director of the New Jersey Meadowlands Commission.



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7 responses to “Kim would be a Disaster for the American – Israel Alliance”

  1. Mr. Steinberg is welcome to his positions.
    However – I don’t think it is correct to assume that a horrible, despicable terror group like Hamas = all Arabs and all Palestinians. No more than all Arabs and Muslims should have been considered the same as Al Qaeda as GWB clearly said after 9/11.
    Reasonable people can denounce terrorism forceful, clearly express Israel’s right to defend itself, denounce anti Semitism in no uncertain terms ( and sadly as we just saw in Illinois also anti muslim terroristic actions ) and still seek and pray for peace and a just solution for everyone in the Israel, West Bank .

  2. It’s amazing that there was no moral equivalency after 9-11. All Arabs and Muslims were the enemy against America and Israel, and should be dealt with extreme prejudice. No calls for peace or ceasefire were mentioned after over 2300 Americans were murdered by Muslims, with some Americans jumping out of 100 story windows in the Trade Towers to avoid burning to death!

    The same can be said of Israel now. There should be no calls for ceasefire, peace, or aiding and abetting any Palestinians. Everyone claims its Hamas, Hezbollah or Iran involved in the surprise attack on Israel. Let’s not forget that Palestinian children are taught to hate Israel and Israelis from the time they can walk. Palestinians are a problem people. Every country they’ve tried to settle in kicked them out because they were trouble, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Libya, and elsewhere.

    As for Alan Steinberg’s about face on one of his own Democrats, I find it refreshing that he is coming to his senses that the far-left Democrat-Socialist-Communist radicals are the problem in the United States. However, the Democrat-Socialist-Communists all vote together as one block, so there is no determining who is more radical. Yet, Steinberg has to take a slanderous swipe at Trump and Congressman Van Drew. I don’t know what “Trumpist policies” Steinberg is talking about, but Trump’s policies gave us peace, no wars, the best economy and cheapest gasoline since President Reagan, 35 years ago.

    If those are “Trumpist policies” that Steinberg hates, then he is a hypocritical fraud, because all of those policies have kept peace in the Mideast under threat that Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah would have drones flying into their leaders’ bedroom windows. As for North Korea, Red China, and Russia, they would have their economies disintegrated by Trump’s sanctions and blockades, causing a revolt by their masses of people looking for freedom.

  3. While most of the time both America’s and Israel’s interests align, they do not always. When they diverge, whose interests are more important to America? You call our relationship an American-Israeli alliance but what you describe is an Israeli-American alliance with Israel’s interests ‘way above and beyond’ America’s. That makes America a tool to be used for Israel’s purposes. You are free to take that view but it certainly is problematic for America’s elected and high ranking administrative officials to elevate foreign interests above our own. Consider folks like Bob Menendez (Egypt) and Michael Flynn (Turkey). I really think our government should be looking out for America’s best interest and work with allies when they align with us and don’t when they don’t.

  4. Agreed. Steinberg’s reluctant support for a pro-Trump candidate clearly shows that he puts Israel first. As an American, he should put America first. Shameful.

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