Kratovil Seeks Election as Mayor of New Brunswick

Yesterday Charlie Kratovil, an award-winning journalist and longtime community organizer, announced his campaign for mayor of the City of New Brunswick.

Kratovil, who is running as an independent, has lived in New Brunswick for the past 18 years and is a 2009 graduate of Rutgers University with a degree in Journalism and Media Studies.  Kratovil advocates for New Brunswick’s underrepresented communities, city employees, and children, pushing for transparency in government, fighting against corruption, and for equity and accessibility for all.

Kratovil said this campaign will be focused on three critical issues: making New Brunswick affordable, preventing crime and gun violence, and combating the climate crisis.  He has promised to serve full-time as Mayor, with no side jobs or businesses, unlike the 31-year part-time incumbent Mayor.  He also promised to advocate for and abide by a two-term limit for the Mayor’s Office.

“I am the only candidate in this race with a real platform to address the needs of New Brunswick residents,” said Kratovil.  “Together, we can make history by uniting behind our residents, meeting their basic needs, and forcing the political establishment out of power once and for all.”

Campaign manager Amber Saravia stated: “Charlie always puts New Brunswick first. He empowers the people of New Brunswick by promoting sustainability and cooperation.  He addresses the issues which cause harm to everyday people, especially the disenfranchised. His leadership inspires me each and every day. I’m honored and excited to be his campaign manager.”

This is Kratovil’s second run for Mayor.  In his 2018 campaign, Kratovil received more votes than any challenger to the political machine since 1992, and the voter turnout was the highest for any Mayor’s race here since 1982.  Kratovil’s first campaign also helped usher in positive changes like improved compensation and support for the city’s crossing guards.  Due to his consistent efforts to improve public transportation in New Brunswick, four new bus shelters have been erected in the city, with more on the way, and the county government borrowed one of his ideas from the last campaign, creating a Transportation Department to develop a comprehensive approach to improving transit.

Video of the kickoff event is available here:

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4 responses to “Kratovil Seeks Election as Mayor of New Brunswick”

  1. Most career politicians wait until they’re elected to get fast and loose with facts. I guess because Charlie’s political career is a decades long failure he’s decide to start now. Charlie got 1,801 votes in 2018, which is the most for a single challenger in a November election . But in 2002, two challenger got a combined 1,815 votes, with only 25 percent turnout, compared with 37 % in 2018. That’s right, an additional 12 percent voted and they all voted against Charlie, giving Cahill 5,898 votes, his highest ever and the most for a Hub City Mayor since 1986. Charlie also lost by the most votes than any challenger Cahill has ever faced (even when the opposition vote was split like it was in 2002.) Charlie, New Brunswick’s Biggest Loser!

  2. Charlie has a proven track record of understanding the needs of the communities he has represented as a journalist and a community advocate – first in Paterson and now in New Brunswick. To achieve more equitable representation of the city and ensure that funds allocated for improvements and maintenance reach their intended public service targets, the city needs a mayor like Charlie Kratovil. Go Charlie!

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