Kreibich Tries to Say Gottheimer not Gung-ho Enough about Impeachment

Rep. Josh Gottheimer

So, just what are the political consequences of impeachment? It’s so easy to speculate – or rather, guess –

NJ5 Candidate Arati Kreibich

but no one really knows.

Nonetheless, some are trying to use the current state of affairs to their advantage – namely Arati Kreibich, a Democrat seeking to oust Rep. Josh Gottheimer in the 5th District.

As the House debated and ultimately voted to impeach the president on Wednesday, Kreibich was dishing out an appeal for campaign cash.

Her bottom line – Democrats should support me because I never had any doubts about impeaching Donald Trump. And to prove it, her solicitation included a photo of her at a Tuesday pro-impeachment rally in Glen Rock holding a sign reading, “No one is above the law. Impeach Trump.”

Her “real” bottom line, if you will, is to criticize Gottheimer for not being “gung-ho” enough about impeachment.

She put it this way, “Many in the Democratic Party resisted impeachment, including my primary opponent, who pushed to censure Trump instead, before finally supporting impeachment. Why did he try every alternative to avoid doing the right thing?”

Kreibich adds, “I’m running for Congress because this shouldn’t have been a close call.”

She then asks supporters to donate to her campaign before the end of the year, noting that unlike Jeff Van Drew, she is true to Democratic values.

Her appeal ends this way:

“Help elect a progressive woman, neuro-scientist and immigrant who will push for big ideas like Medicare for All.”

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One response to “Kreibich Tries to Say Gottheimer not Gung-ho Enough about Impeachment”

  1. Glen Rock Councilmember Kreibich did not TRY to say Little Joshie was not “gung-ho enough” about impeachment. What she pointed out was that it took him right up until the eve of the impeachment vote to support his own party (which he seems to have a very tough time of doing, in general) in its efforts to provide better government.
    Because Fred Snowflake is just becoming aware of her activities, does not mean she’s been resting on her political laurels.
    She announced her candidacy months ago when it became clear to those of us who live in Joshie’s district that he was almost as bad as his predecessor, Scott Garrett. And that their politics were almost impossible to distinguish one from the other.
    And so the Councilmember is trying to raise money to bring a true Democrat to serve the 5th.

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