Krychiw Challenging Cryan in LD20 Democratic Primary


Jason Krychiw announced he is challenging Joe Cryan for State Senate in New Jersey’s 20th Legislative District.

“Working people deserve a champion who will fight for them at all costs,” Krychiw said in a video launching his campaign.

Krychiw is a community leader, serving as a member of the Union County Democratic Committee and as Vice Chair of Progressive Democrats of New Jersey. Krychiw is a lecturer at Kean University, teaching hundreds of students about science and microbiology.

The challenger said “the Cryan political machine has failed Union County.”

“At a time when working families in Union County are facing a historic crisis, Joe Cryan is playing the same old political game,” said the candidate. “He’s holding down a political patronage job in an entirely different county while raking in tens of thousands of dollars to his campaign from corporate PACs and private prisons. After 20 years in elected office, Cryan has lost touch. He’s only focused on his own power.”

Krychiw said he decided to run for State Senate because Union County deserves better. He said he’s refusing corporate donations and has pledged to fight for bold progressive policy at the state level. Krychiw believes in a jobs guarantee, a Green New Deal for New Jersey, immediate expungements for all prior marijuana convictions, and expanding healthcare access to all. These are difficult times, and change can’t wait any longer.

“It’s time for new leadership in Union County to put science first, beat this pandemic together, and end corrupt machine politics that leaves working families behind,” said Krychiw. “We need to deliver on healthcare, housing, wages. The old machine has had years to deliver, and they simply haven’t. We can do better.”

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