In Kuhl’s Tavern, O’Donnell Considers the Late Murphy Play by Team Davis (with Video)

BAYONNE – Tavern. Church. Funeral home.

Tavern. Church. Funeral home.

Tavern. Church. Funeral home.

Block after block went like that, until you ran under the train trestle and made that quick right on Prospect and went through the doors of…

a Tavern.

It was Kuhl’s and inside at the bar, on the same evening that the Hudson County Democratic Organization partied at Liberty House, sat smiling unreconstructed rebel Pat Desmond, an ally of former Assemblyman Jason O’Donnell (D-31), who’s challenging Mayor Jimmy Davis in Tuesday’s election.

Back behind the bar is a little room, where the beer flowed and owner Kevin Kuhl hugged O’Donnell, and the wait staff handled pizza and hot dogs for those fierce O’Donnell allies, a day before Governor Phil Murphy comes in – despite labor pushback – to stand beside Davis.

O’Donnell appeared happy to have Kuhl on his team and spoke to the challenges ahead in his campaign's final days as he hopes to scale the walls of City Hall.

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