Latino Action Network PAC Backs Biden for Prez

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The Latino Action Network – Political Action Committee [LAN-PAC] today announced its support for Joe Biden for President of the United States of America and urged Latinos to vote in the upcoming presidential election in November.

The Latino Action Network Political Action Committee was established in 2012 to promote candidates working on behalf of the issues of greatest importance to the Latino Community on the national level.  

Citing his extensive experience as Vice President under President Obama and a U.S. Senator (D-Delaware), Christian Estevez, Chair of LAN-PAC said that, “Joe Biden is the leader we need during these difficult and unprecedented times”.   

“Joe Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris will provide the experience and stability we desperately need to rebuild our nation from the chaos created by our current President”, continued Estevez.   “Joe Biden is a leader with compassion that has always dedicated himself to helping working families.”

Latinos in the United States cannot afford another four years of Donald Trump as President.” added Estevez. “Under Donald Trump’s presidency we have witnessed the caging of babies who were torn from their mothers and the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 that has infected and killed Latinos at a rate that is higher than any other community”.  

“President Trump has shown a complete lack of concern for the Latino victims of the Coronavirus just as he ignored the death and suffering of thousands of victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico” said Javier Robles who serves on the Board of the LAN-PAC. 

“Latinos have an opportunity throw Donald Trump out of office and rid our nation of his hateful leadership”, continued Robles. “It is imperative that Latinos turn out in record numbers to elect Joe Biden as our next President so we can begin to rebuild our country into one that looks out for all of its residents”.

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