LD-11 Flashpoint: Menendez Nightmare Prompts Gopal/Dnistrian Collision

Today, Steve Dnistrian, Candidate for NJ State Senate, and Assemblywomen Marilyn Piperno and Kim Eulner of New Jersey’s 11th Legislative District, released the following statement:

“Despite Democrats’ recent and self-serving attempts to distance themselves from embattled Senator Bob Menendez, voters should know that Senator Vin Gopal has been part and parcel with the endemic corruption that has flourished under one-party rule.”

Dnistrian added, “Both Senator Gopal and Democrat Assembly Candidate Luann Peter Paul served on the leadership council for Senator Menendez’ most recent reelection campaign. Gopal also voted to ease punishment for public misconduct, including politicians who take bribes. While one Democrat supporting another is not necessarily surprising, it is notable considering that the 2018 campaign followed his 2017 public corruption trial that ended in a mistrial and left many questions about Menendez’ willingness to use his elected office for his own personal gain. The allegations outlined in the Department of Justice’s most recent indictment make it clear that the influence peddling never really stopped, so the real question is: how much did Vin Gopal and other Democrats know?”

Assemblywomen Piperno and Eulner joined in.

“With no meaningful check in the legislature or at the federal level, Democrats in New Jersey like Bob Menendez and Vin Gopal have abused the public’s trust through their deep lack of integrity and major policy missteps. This November, voters will be eager to put the days of one-party rule behind them.”

Gopal came back with a statement:

“When Senator Menendez’s indictment came out last week, my running mates and I were the first legislative slate to call for his resignation. The allegations are alarming and I strongly believe that Senator Menendez should resign immediately.

“My opponent’s effort to tie me and my running-mate to Senator Menendez’s wrongdoing is just a desperate attempt to change the topic and distract voters from his own hypocrisy and undisclosed shady business dealings. Steve Dnistrian is a political insider who was the recipient of no-bid government contracts. Just last month, it was revealed that Dnistrian secretly worked for LS Power, an offshore wind company, without ever disclosing that to voters, even as he made offshore wind a top campaign issue. If Dnistrian is concerned about politicians leveraging power for personal gain, he should look within and be transparent with voters about his own record. Unfortunately, transparency is not Dnistrian’s strong suit. Last week, in an interview with NJ Spotlight, Dnistrian refused to tell voters whether he was supporting Donald Trump amidst his own multiple criminal indictments.

“Dnistrian wants to keep his shady business dealings a secret. Monmouth County deserves transparent leaders, not double-dealing politicians who will put their own interests first.”

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2 responses to “LD-11 Flashpoint: Menendez Nightmare Prompts Gopal/Dnistrian Collision”

  1. Do you know how ludicrous your statement is? Republicans have never uttered word about the Republican front runner, who has been indicted for 91 indictments.
    Not one word to remove George Santos, not one work to remove Matt Gatez child molester.
    You and your running mat were not the first to ask Memendez to step down. The Governor of NJ and 1/2 of the US Democratic house, senate and the Democrats across this state have asked him to step down. Let me hear from you asking Trump to not run for president.

  2. I am glad that some Republicans are not starting to connect the dots. Hopefully, more citizens and the Republican party, start looking into the campaign finance and the connections between Menendez and other Democrats. Republican need to start with the Senate President and work there way down to the local county committee campaign accounts.

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