LD11 Flashpoint: Gore Event Draws 2K People to Ocean Township

Former Vice President Al Gore campaigned for Democratic gubernatorial candidate Phil Murphy on Sunday at the Ocean Township Community Gym.

Two-thousand people attended the event, which marked the second time inside a week that a national Democratic figure made an appearance in LD11. Last Monday, Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez keynoting a canvassing effort in the battleground 11th, where businessman Vin Gopal, the former Monmouth County Democratic chairman, is running against state Senator Jennifer Beck (R-11).

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One response to “LD11 Flashpoint: Gore Event Draws 2K People to Ocean Township”

  1. Liberals
    lining up to see a loser and someone who cheated on their spouse, as
    well as a hypocrite who whines about global warming yet uses a private
    jet. #murphydangerousfornj BTW, Insider NJ needs to check into Lyin’ Vin Gopal’s claim on his resume of being a volunteer fire fighter. Vin Gopal IS NOT certified as a fire fighter and can NOT fight fires. It’s a courtesy volunteer position which he uses to embellish his resume.

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