LD12 Senate Candidate Haney of Old Bridge Goes off on Middlesex Convention Process

OLD BRIDGE – Former Middlesex County Freeholder Art Haney savaged the process tonight as he looked to take and out state Senator Sam Thompson (R-12).

“I’m disgusted,” Haney told the executive committee of the Middlesex County Republican Party tonight in the senior center behind the municipal building.

The GOP Primary challenger to Thompson – former mayor of Old Bridge – wanted the March 25th convention to be held, as initially scheduled, at Old Bridge High school, not the Ellora in Edison, a late email venue change declared by chair Lucille Panos.

“There are 400 delegates who live in Old Bridge and humongous amount of parking,” Haney told the crowd. “It holds 1400 people; there’s absolutely no reason for us to go there and it’s a clear attempt to suppress the vote. We feel people are being disenfranchised in Old Bridge. This is unfair. This is not what Republicans do. We don’t go out and suppress the vote. Maybe Democrats do that. We don’t.”

Haney leads a slate against Thompson and Thompson’s running mates, Assemblymen Rob Clifton and Ronald Dancer.

“It’s time for a new direction in the state of New Jersey,” said Haney, tall above the county committee. “It’s time for a change. That’s why we’re here tonight.”

The state senate challenger led a chorus from the floor of those who want the venue for next week’s convention changed back to its original location in the candidate’s (and incumbent senator’s0 home town.

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