LD16 Republican Slate Statement on Senator Bob Menendez


This morning Federal investigators in the Southern District of New York indicted Senator Bob Menendez on both bribery and fraud.

LD-16 Republican candidates Mike Pappas, Ross Traphagen, & Grace Zhang offered the
following comment:

“Senator Menendez’s actions not only indicate his lack of integrity but shows his complete
disregard for our constitution and total disrespect for the people of New Jersey. We are disgusted
and call for his immediate resignation.

“Separately, shame on Senator Andrew Zwicker and Assemblyman Roy Freiman for their votes
to reduce mandatory minimum sentencing for public corruption. ((N.J.S.2C:28-1) Perjury,
(N.J.S.2C:27-2) Bribery in Official Matters, and (C.2C:21-25) Money Laundering.) There is no
doubt Senator Menendez is not able to properly serve this state right now. However, we doubt
our Democrat opponents have the courage to rise to the occasion and join us in calling for his
resignation, but we invite them anyway.”

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